3d modeling

Dev proves you can do 3D modeling with Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: Game Dev Academy/YouTube) Raspberry Pi projects are more about what you can do with a Pi, not what you should be doing. Earlier this week, Shane with YouTube channel Game Dev Academy pushed the Raspberry Pi to its limits by using it for 3D modeling with Blender. Don’t get too excited. A Raspberry […]

3d modeling

3D modeling and 3D printing can improve THA diagnosis, classification and surgical planning – 3DPrint.com

The Electronic Online Presentation System, or EPOS, is the European Society of Radiology’s electronic database for scientific exhibitions. A group of researchers published in EPOS their work on the use of 3D modeling and printing tools to diagnose, classify and perform surgical planning for the fixation of periprosthetic acetabular fractures, which are a difficult but […]

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3D images become an integral part of the insurance claim process

Insuring a property is a complicated process. First, the insurer must correctly underwrite the risks associated with each type of claim. This takes into account the likelihood of small incidents, like slips, leaks, or equipment failures, and also takes into consideration larger risk factors like earthquakes, floods, or economic downturns. Next, an insurer must keep […]