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3D Images of 19th Century Glass Marine Invertebrates Are Online – Harvard Gazette

Touch or click and drag your mouse to explore. See more 3D models. Researchers have successfully digitized 19th century glass models of 15 marine invertebrates made by Rudolf and Leopold Blaschka. In order to capture the complexity, detail and shiny surfaces of these models, the researchers took 250 to 700 images of each invertebrate, created […]

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New treatments for deadly lung diseases could be revealed through 3D modeling

Consistent with previous work, myofibroblasts do not accumulate in a soft 2d frame. Image is stained for cytoskeleton (blue), cell nuclei (yellow) and a marker for myofibroblast activation (alpha-smooth muscle actin, magenta). Image credit: Baker Lab A bioengineered 3D model of lung tissue built by University of Michigan researchers pokes holes in decades of flat […]

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This cutting-edge 3D modeling and animation program is over 75% off

Remember when all an artist needed was a brush and an easel? Today, your ideas may start in a sketchbook, but they can come to life with the quality of 3D graphics software available on the market today. The only question for budding digital artists is “Which one?” Platforms like Redshift and Octane Render have […]