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Are radiologists interpreting 3D images effectively?

3D volumetric imaging methods are now a common component of medical imaging in many imaging modalities. But relatively little is known about how human observers locate targets obscured by noise and clutter when scrolling through a 3D image and how this compares to a similar task confined to a single 2D slice. The […]

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Archaeologist Brings 18th-Century Fort to Life Using LiDAR and 3D Modeling

From left to right: modern Google Earth image of Fort Anne and its surroundings, Surfer 3D surface model showing the LiDAR model of Fort Anne, French military plan georeferenced to the modern landscape and draped over the surface model. SOURCES: Province of Nova Scotia and National Overseas Archives. Golden, Colorado, March 18, 2021 – A […]

3d modeling

Shapr3D: the first production-ready 3D modeling application – 3DPrint.com

One of the biggest barriers to the widespread adoption of 3D printing, especially for consumers, is the steep learning curve associated with CAD software. Working with SOLIDWORKS, the most prolific of CAD programs, usually requires at least a college degree in mechanical engineering. However, the existing computer design paradigm is on the verge of a […]