3d modeling

3D + AR modeling by The Inventory, Inc.

Morphi is a simple, powerful and easy to learn 3D design and modeling application for creating, editing and rendering 3D designs for AR/VR, 3D printing, animation, game design, graphic design, Design Thinking and more. Join us directly on [email protected]

Please try all 3D design tools as well as AR+3D Render before purchase. Our immersive AR requires devices that can run ARKit. 3D Render is not available for some older iPads (including 7th + 8th Gen), but is available on iPad (6th Gen) and iPad Pro.

Although you can use the 3D design tools for free, there is a one-time in-app purchase for our premium features which are:

(1) export + import 3D models (STL + OBJ files)
(2) placement, viewing + editing in AR (iPads with A9+ processors required for immersive AR and snapping; older iPads can still use basic AR tools
(3) render photorealistic images of your 3D models (see restrictions above).

Note: Schools can purchase Morphi at a volume discount through Morphi Edu, our identical education app for iPad, with the 50% volume purchase program for education for over 20 app purchases.

Every day, people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels use Morphi to create, draw, invent, prototype, visualize, teach, tell stories, explain ideas, and more. Vertical farming system prototypes, drawing aids, model rocket parts, biodesign lighting, housings for robots and electronics, compostable sewing dresses, characters for animated shorts, bubble wands, jewelry, cookie cutters -pieces and cookie cutters, plates for engraving + AR artwork. Here are just a few of the thousands of projects created by our community members in over 125 countries since the release of Morphi in 2014.

Morphi has many tools for people to hone their creative thinking + visualization skills + express + evolve their ideas in 3D, including:

-Design anywhere without tethering or WiFi connection.

-Sketch + draw 3D models, including using freehand, straight lines + 2D shapes to draw, symmetry, turning lines, erasing lines, vector drawing + editing with dots control + other 2D to 3D tools.

– Transform high contrast images (jpgs, pngs, svgs) into editable 3D designs.

-Robust CAD tools like intersection, tables + other tools to create more complex designs.

-Place, modify and view 3D models in augmented reality enhanced using Apple’s ARKit, such as aligning designs on horizontal planes, vertical planes + AR codes (available only for iPads with A9+ processors that support ARKit).

– Place and edit AR designs on older non-A9+ iPad models using our basic tools for those devices.

-Add texture/materials from images or videos to your 3D designs.

-Import 3D models (STL + OBJ files) from other 3D modeling applications.

-Export 3D models (STL + OBJ files) for 3D printing, game design, animation, for further editing in other 3D modelers + for uploading to other AR/VR devices, like Hololens, Occulus + Merge Cube.

-Incredible rendering tools to create photorealistic images of your 3D models (only on certain iPads described above)

– 3D text input tools using a variety of fonts.

-Simple 3D lithophane tool to create 3D printed engravings + terrain.

-Quick lighting options.

-Change background + grid to create attractive scenes or export 3D designs with transparent backgrounds for graphic design.

-Save files directly to iPad or to iCloud, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud + other third-party storage solutions on your iPad.

– Quickly learn to design in 3D with our helpful short video tutorials + other materials under the i (info) section.

-Amazing community of educators, students, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors + others.

Examples of designs + projects made in Morphi by our community are on our website (www.morphiapp.com) or on the instagram page of @morphiapp.

**Designs featured on our App Store page: Ben Nassimi, Lainey Davidson+Leia Brown. Obj triceratops scan imported into Morphi from Smithsonian Museum Open Access.