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3D drone modeling platform SkyeBrowse goes “Hyper”

Drone startup SkyeBrowse, whose reality capture platform allows DJI and Autel users to create precise 3D models at the press of a button, has launched a new and improved version of its proprietary software: Hyper .

Aimed at public safety agencies that demand the highest level of clarity in the shortest possible time, SkyeBrowse Hyper is designed to create realistic 3D models in as little as 120 seconds.

The upgrade essentially uses the same iOS and web app as flagship SkyeBrowse, leveraging patented videogrammetry technology to process thousands of video frames, from drone footage to a 3D model. But now it can create a hyper-realistic, textured 3D model in much less time than before.

Instead of 10 minutes of processing, Hyper only takes 2 minutes to generate a fully textured, centimeter-accurate 3D drone model.

The Texas-based startup points out that this speed is fast enough to allow first responders to tactically scout entry and exit points for on-scene SWAT situations. Meanwhile, accident investigators and crime labs can generate hyper-realistic scenes in minutes – and at a fraction of the cost of traditional scene reconstruction.

Here are some examples of 3D models of drones created by Hyper:

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SkyeBrowse co-founder and CEO Bobby Ouyang said:

We created Hyper for departments that need the highest quality 3D models with as much textured detail as possible. Some departments require that CSI, OIS, and accident reconstruction be accurately documented as quickly as possible. Hyper is another step towards democratizing faster, higher resolution 3D model reconstruction. We are very happy to bring it to market.

SkyeBrowse Hyper cost and inaugural launch offer

SkyeBrowse Hyper subscription starts at $2,999 per user, per year. But to celebrate the launch, all current SkyeBrowse users are automatically upgraded to Hyper for the next two months.

It’s worth pointing out that some of Hyper’s technical prowess will stay with SkyeBrowse users even after the introductory offer ends. They can expect up to a 25% improvement in the processing speed of existing 3D modeling.

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