3d modeling

3D interior modeling with Vectorworks Architect from Vectorworks

Vectorworks Architect is an all-in-one drawing, modeling, documentation, and visualization software that allows designers to take a project from concept to completion in a user-friendly interface. Vectorworks ArchitectThe drawing and modeling engine can produce any type of shape, from rectangular to organic and anywhere in between. Users are able to accurately represent a vision, no matter how unique. The software has plenty of drag-and-drop content from verified manufacturers, so you’re never short of designing and filling an interior.

Designers need to be able to iterate and test creative options to find the best solution. Vector works treats design exactly as a process. Designers can quickly customize and explore creative ideas, then revert changes if they fail.

Hybrid Workflows

A hybrid 2D/3D environment means design changes are automatically reflected in the 3D model and vice versa. Everything is connected, even the documentation – no need to worry about making the same change in multiple places.

Communicate and collaborate

An integrated rendering engine and connections to major rendering platforms like Twinmotion, Enscape and Lumion give users the freedom to render however they want. With a single click, users can share visions using the Cloud Vectorworks. Immersive presentations can be created directly in the cloud with 360 degree panoramas and step-by-step animations.

This software is built on the idea that collaboration is fundamental to the design process. It has the most import/export capabilities available – collaboration with designers is possible using AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp and more. Even sketches from other drawing programs can be imported to start your project.