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3D modeling mobile app, Morphi Version 2.0, launched on iOS – 3DPrint.com

Back in May (it seems like forever), we covered a New York startup called Inventory, Inc., which had just launched a new touchscreen 3D modeling mobile app called Morphi. The app, which the company said it hopes to bring 3D modeling and printing to the masses, has so far received a very warm reception. The ability to manipulate 3D models with a finger or two on an iPad Mini or iPad seems like a surefire way to bring three-dimensional modeling into the mainstream.

Here we are, seven months later, and although there is no Android version of the app available yet, Inventery has just announced Morphi Version 2 for iOS 8.0. There are several key updates that the company has rolled out in version 2.0, including the following:m2

  • Optional Upload of 3D Models to Thingiverse – Simply login to your Thingiverse account in the app and quickly and effortlessly upload any models you’ve created to their repository.
  • Customization of the grid for 3D printers – The parameters of several 3D printers are already known and available within Morphi. Simply select your printer and the correct grid will be in place for your creation.
  • Draw – Draw quickly and easily with just one finger, with the ability to mirror your creation. The application will then instantly transform your 2D drawing into a 3D model.
  • Clipboard – An integrated Copy and Paste function is now available.
  • Better Alignment – Allows much easier alignment of an object in a model.
  • Improved Rotation – New tools allow intuitive rotation of objects based on the angle you choose.
  • Merge and Group – Merging and grouping two or more objects just got a lot easier.
  • Improved Ruler – Hundredth of an inch measurements make accurate modeling a breeze.
  • Simple Snap to Grid & Lost Button – These are additional features that streamline the design and modeling process.

The Morphi app is free to download for iPad and iPad Mini users, with additional options for in-app purchases. The company also promised us that an Android version is still in development and is coming soon. Additional updates will continue to be available to expand the app’s functionality. Look for future releases to include additional shapes, text, colors, and tools.

Let us know if you have downloaded this latest version of the Inventory app. Discuss it in the forum thread of the 3D modeling application Morphi on 3DPB.com. Check out the video below, showing some of the updates that have been made since Morphi was released in May.