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3D printers + drones, a deadly combination in the war in Ukraine

Civilian drones are successfully used by Ukrainians against Russian invaders. The aircraft are not only used for artillery reconnaissance and targeting, but also as mini Su-25s in ground attack missions.

The Ukrainians have developed all kinds of systems by which drones, such as DJI models, launch bombs and grenades at enemies. If at first these mechanisms were quite rudimentary, now they have been refined.

At first, grenade launchers with civilian drones were quite “raw” (Photo: Profimedia)

In a video posted on social networks we see how a hand grenade launcher was made using a 3D printer.

The grenade is removed from the nail / pin and is then inserted into a “bomb” of transparent material which, when closed, keeps the lever / spoon depressed. When it hits the ground or an object, the container opens, the lever is released, and the grenade is cocked. After a few seconds, it explodes.

The system developed using 3D printers uses Soviet RGD-5 grenades. They are abundant in Ukrainian stocks.

Drones are also successfully used against armored vehicles. High-carrying models, produced in the country, were modified to carry RKG-1600 anti-tank grenades. For better accuracy, plastic fins were made for the grenades, also using 3D printers.

RKG-1600 anti-tank grenades, equipped with 3D printed stabilizers.

The use of civilian models in military conflicts is not to the taste of the Chinese manufacturer DJI. The company said it was suspending drone sales to Russia and Ukraine after both sides weaponized them.

Besides civilian drones, military drones also make a significant contribution to the battlefield. Models such as the Bayraktar-TB2 and Switchblade are already famous, and the British T150 drone, produced by Malloy Aeronautics, quickly transports ammunition and supplies to where they are needed on the front lines. The model can carry a maximum weight of 68 kilograms at a distance of 70 km.