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3D Slash now offers a user-friendly 3D modeling app for Raspberry Pi – 3DPrint.com

French company 3D Slash describes its modeling software as “a piece of 3D cake”. Although I was slightly disappointed to learn that they haven’t actually 3D printed a cake yet, their software apps make 3D modeling as easy as possible. Raspberry Pi, to be exact. Tomorrow, 3D Slash will officially launch a new free 3D modeling application for the education computer system.

3D Slash teaches users 3D modeling using a basic interface that relies on the simplest tools: building blocks. Users are guided through the modeling process, building their designs one cube at a time. Similarly, the small, inexpensive Raspberry Pi computer was designed to simplify computer programming. The device, which is aimed at children and plugs into a standard computer monitor or TV, teaches programming skills for a number of apps, but so far hasn’t offered basic 3d modeling application. Tomorrow though, that will change when the 3D Slash app is released, which will be available for free download from the 3D Slash website.

ftThe 3D software was specifically designed for Pi-Top, Raspberry Pi’s build-it-yourself laptop kit. Pi-Top was created to give children and adults a comprehensive overview of creating computer hardware and of software. Unlike most educational programming and coding tools, it’s also designed to make learning fun, and 3D Slash software is no exception. The game-like program uses bright colors and simple, intuitive features to appeal especially to young users.

“Raspberry Pi is focused on broad access to computing for everyone, from hardware to software,” a statement from Pi-Top reads. “At Pi-Top, we encourage our community to build their own robots, PCBs and IoT. 3D Slash completes the picture with a fun and fast 3D application to turn user creations into reality.

As an organization, Raspberry Pi was committed to expanding computer science education, which the founders said seemed to have dropped off as technology developed. At 3DPrint.com, we often hear the same refrain: technology education is crucial for kids, but too often the resources just aren’t there.


“We are excited to release a new version of 3D Slash for the Raspberry Pi world,” said Sylvain Huet, CEO of 3D Slash. “We share the same values ​​around user-friendly computer education, which includes beginners, and a desire to put the power of creation in people’s hands – and it’s truly inspiring to partner with Pi-Top on this. wonderful project.”

Their charity, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, has done an impressive job of getting its educational tools into the hands of children not just in the UK, where Raspberry Pi is based, but all over the world, including developing countries. . A partnership with 3D Slash, whose mission is to make 3D printing accessible to everyone, regardless of age or experience level, made a lot of sense and will certainly benefit many younger generations as they hone skills valuable for their future careers.