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8 reasons why 3D modeling is in demand in architecture – 3DPrint.com

3D modeling is increasingly used in various areas of human life and activity. For a long time, this technique went beyond purely use in the entertainment industry, although it is still being actively introduced and improved there. But it’s not just games and animation that are the biggest consumers of 3D models.

Today, more than ever, this technology is in demand in architecture and construction. And we’ll give you up to 8 reasons why 3D is popular in these areas.

Reason 1: Realism

Although the main drawings of any architectural structure are made in a two-dimensional space, it is the 3D layout that allows us to assess their accuracy and compliance with set objectives, construction standards and utility. Traditionally, architectural design is the creation of textual and graphical documentation. Thanks to three-dimensional modeling, the design process significantly simplifies and speeds up the creation of working prototypes – as a result, the architect and the client receive a working prototype, the completion of which takes a minimum of time and has maximum efficiency.

For many years, architectural companies have used CAD (computer-aided design) to create projects. But if you need a model with maximum accuracy and detail, it is much easier to order it from a special company that is directly involved in the development of three-dimensional samples, including a model of building in 3D.

Reason 2: Speed

When architects worked with paper, the time they needed to do at least basic drawings and visualizations was very long. Building a 3D model using computer technology takes much less time, while making mistakes in calculations is almost impossible.

Now you no longer need to delay the moment of presenting your project to the customer – just use the finished model or order its production according to your references.

Reason 3: Quality of details

We have already touched on this parameter in the first paragraph, but it should be noted separately: modern software in the hands of a qualified specialist allows you to achieve maximum compliance of details with the requirements of the customer or the ideas of the designer . As a result, you get a ready-to-use layout that you can rotate in space to reflect the quality of the wall decoration, the interior or even the decoration pattern on the walls.

Reason 4: The ability to create a complete layout based on the 3D model

Technologies are easily combined, and modern architectural 3D models can be embodied not only on a computer screen, but also transferred in a completely tangible form. Get a three-dimensional image of your project and simply print it using a 3D printer – the layout is ready! If your clients ask you to visualize your idea, this is a great solution.

Reason 5: Possibility of a good interior zoning study

This reason is particularly relevant for commercial construction. A large-scale model makes it possible to zone the area more efficiently, to “fill” the interior space of trading halls and galleries with goods and decorative items, as well as to “test” the convenience of the layout from the point of view of customers and employees.

Reason 6: Advertising

If you initially set yourself the task of promoting the planned project, be it an apartment building, a skyscraper or a future shopping center, this is the ready-to-use visualization. job in a three-dimensional space that will help you do this. Use it in advertisements, engage in promotional materials, or show up at architectural exhibitions and negotiations with investors – when a potential buyer sees exactly what he’s going to pay his money for, his credit confidence in you will increase considerably.

Reason 7: Review

If you are trying to implement a construction concept that only exists in the client’s imagination, all ideas and concepts can easily be incorporated into the master model, the finalization process which, in terms of functionality and of aesthetics, will take a minimum of time. ;

Reason 8: Money

Ordering an architectural 3D model is always profitable because it saves on several things at once:

• The meticulous manual work of a designer or an architect, who will have to pay for hard work.

• By making additions and reworking the order.

• Separate development of layouts for the client and advertising: a three-dimensional model can be used both here and there.

Three-dimensional technology dominates the world. They show it realistically and in detail. This is particularly visible in the example of the use of 3D models in architecture.