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AddUp launches machine monitoring software for FormUp and BeAM 3D printers

AddUp announced the launch of its Dashboards multi-scale monitoring software, compatible with its FormUp and BeAM Directed Energy Deposition powder bed fusion machines.

Dashoboards software was designed to provide users of AddUp’s 3D printing systems with a clear picture of real-time and historical process data.

By collecting data from each build on an unlimited number of FormUp and BeAM machines, AddUp Dashboards displays summary information on an overview home screen to provide a “bird’s eye view” of the build production fleet. 3D printers. Users can therefore see the status and progress of machines at a glance, while also having an overview of the last month.

With AddUp dashboards, 3D print operators and business owners can access data for 80 process parameters including oxygen level, humidity level, laser status, forces measured in all moving components, powder consumption, gas flow status, etc. Key process parameters can also be tailored, depending on the AddUp 3D printing technologies used, while real-time data is refreshed at speeds as fast as five seconds. Users can also use the software to see a complete history of each machine, from the number of builds completed to the individual layers of a given print, to ensure machines are operating at peak performance.

The software received data over MQTT and OPC-UA connections and only requires a web browser to use. There are over 25 data visualization styles to choose from, with color schemes and data panels that can be changed, moved, resized, duplicated and changed as users prioritize the information that matters most. Dashboards also have an alert system with email notification capabilities to one or more users, allowing them to address issues before they arise.

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