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Adobe says it can make 3D images look better than traditional photos – Quartz

Adobe, the American software company behind Photoshop, says its products can now generate images better than traditional photos.

“[Ben and Jerry’s] found what many companies find; that 3D rendered images are indistinguishable from traditional photos, and that they are much more efficient and actually cheaper to produce,” said Scott Belsky, chief product officer of Adobe, in an earnings call on the 10 December. The comments concerned the American ice cream company’s use of Adobe’s 3D and immersive products to produce a delivery marketing campaign during the pandemic.

The pandemic has made photo shoots and in-person productions much more difficult. As a result, many creative teams are turning to 3D software and other digital tools to render images or video instead. The global animation industry has been able to continue operating, with some studios even seeing an increase in demand for children’s content. The ending of a new Disney film, Godmothered, was brought to life after the Covid-19 outbreak halted filming.

Both Substance and Dimension from Adobe are designed to help make photos obsolete: one for applying color, lighting effects and other details to 3D models; and one for rendering photorealistic images. The company is also seeing success during the pandemic: its company-wide fourth-quarter sales were $3.42 billion, a 14% increase over the same period last year. last.