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Anycubic launches new series of Kobra and M3 3D printers

Get ready for many new printer options. Anycubic’s 3D printing portfolio has just been upgraded, and there are a number of new models for interested consumers to choose from.

From Anycubic’s Kobra series, there are two printers, the Kobra and the Kobra Max. The Kobra is a slightly updated Anycubic Vyper that replaces the automatic strain gauge bed leveling system with a more traditional inductive probe mounted next to the nozzle. Anycubic made this change because, with the added weight of the direct-drive tool head, the strain gauge would likely have been under too much pressure and not give a reliable reading otherwise. With a build volume of 220x220x250mm, the size offered is respectable for printing the majority of models you are likely to encounter. This bed features a PEI coated spring steel plate that allows you to flex the plate to remove delicate items or replace it entirely if damaged.

The Kobra Max is a large format printer, with a truly gargantuan build volume of 400x400x450mm. It’s the same as the old Anycubic Chiron, but with the Vyper’s strain gauge bed level sensor. It has a large sheet of glass for a build plate with Anycubic’s UltraBase texture on it, it sticks incredibly well and releases automatically when cold. The Z axis is controlled by two large lead screws. They are linked at the top with a separate timing belt. The Kobra and Kobra max both use the same large 4.3″ touchscreen with a simple and useful user interface.

The M3 series of printers are the new MSLA children on the block, comprising the Photon M3, Photon M3 Plus and Photon M3 Max. The Photon M3 appears to be an update to the Photon Mono 4K, featuring an even larger 7.6″ 4K+ display (4096×2560), improved build volume of 163x102x180mm, and an improved UV LED array for faster and more accurate curing layers.

The M3 Plus is even bigger, with a 9.25″ 6K display, 5760 x 3600 resolution and 197 x 122 x 245mm build volume. If it’s anything like the Photon Mono X, it should. It it’s a half-step upgrade, with a new touchscreen and improved user interface, but the coolest feature is an auto-fill resin system, meaning long prints are less of a concern now .

Finally, the Photon M3 Max, which is, as the name suggests, the largest of the three, with a 13.6″ 7K (6480×3600) monochrome LCD display and a build volume of 298x164x300mm, making it a machine truly monstrous ideal for prop makers.

These printers are available on the Anycubic website right now and will be on Amazon soon. the Kobra is on sale for $299, the Kobra Max for $569, the Photon M3 for $299, the M3 Plus for $699, and the M3 Max for $1,099.

Kobra Anycubic

The Kobra is one of the cheapest ways to get into 3D printing through Anycubic.

$299 at Anycubic

Anycubic M3 Reco 3d Printer

Anycubic Photon M3 Plus

If you want to pay a little more than the minimum to enhance your 3D printing experience, that’s where the M3 Plus comes in.

$699 at Anycubic

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