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Armenian company showcases breakthrough innovation in 2D and 3D modeling – Public Radio of Armenia

Armenian company BeeGraphy launches the world’s first online store where production-ready 2D and 3D parametric models are presented and can be used in many industries such as manufacturing, multimedia, games, AR and VR, etc.

The peculiarity of the BeeGraphy store is that the models undergo parametric changes directly in the store in the online mode and can appear in a new scheme and parameters. The custom model file is downloadable in STL or OBJ formats (including 2D cuts), used in production, for example, by printing on computer (CNC) machines or 3D printers.

The world’s first online parametric modeling software.

BeeGraphy has created an online 2D/3D parametric modeling editor, the like of which does not exist in the world! BeeGraphy modeling software uses NURBS-based mathematical modeling algorithms to maximize model accuracy.

The main features of BeeGraphy Editor are:

  1. Online parametric 3D modeling editor
  2. Real-time collaboration
  3. Improved customer-designer-manufacturer communication and increased process speed and efficiency.
  4. API: allows the integration of models based on BeeGraphy and NURBS to other online platforms or educational institutions
  5. Online storage. allows saving large 3D and 2D design files to servers
  6. 3D View: Allows designers to see what the model looks like during development as well as share it with partners and customers. This feature will help many designers avoid additional services and save time and money.

Along with the full launch of BeeGraphy Editor, registered users of the editor will be able to showcase their parametric 2D/3D models for sale directly in the BeeGraphy store, creating a new revenue stream.

The BeeGraphy Editor online modeling software is currently in its final development phase (V1.0). The first major release of the software will be in 2022 on February 27. BeeGraphy is here for builders and 3D designers to try out the tools and capabilities of the software online for an exclusive free subscription until May 1, 2022. Feedback and opinions from builders and designers will support enrichment of tools and opportunities and their friendliness.