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Autodesk launches Tinkerplay app, making 3D modeling and printing easy and fun – 3DPrint.com

We all know how important 3D modeling and printing will be in the years to come. If I had children, I would teach them as soon as possible how to model with CAD software, and eventually how to use a 3D printer, because the world our children will enter as adults will probably be foreign to what we are all familiar today.

Autodesk realizes the importance of 3D modeling and printing for future generations, and how important it is for younger generations to use their products and services from an early age. The best way to teach children, and even adults, about a new concept or how to use new technology is to create a fun, exciting, and rewarding learning experience. This is exactly what Autodesk aims to accomplish with the release of its new Tinkerplay app.

Tinkerplay is based on the Modio app that Autodesk acquired last year. The app allowed for simple, intuitive and entertaining construction of models that were almost immediately available for 3D printing without the need for additional rafts or support hardware. Autodesk has since added new features, functionality, and parts to the app, and today announced the release of the app to the Tinkercad family of products.a3

“Creators, designers and makers aged five to ninety have blown us away with their passion for 3D modeling and 3D printing,” said Samir Hanna, vice president and general manager, Autodesk Consumer and 3D Printing. “With Tinkerplay, we provide another great tool designed for kids of all ages to play, create and craft.”

The basic premise of the Tinkerplay app is to engage children in 3D modeling by having them design modular creatures and characters, color them, 3D print the modules, and then assemble them. Depending on the user’s skill level, they can choose from a growing collection of professionally designed character models or create their own models. Things like texture and color can be adjusted to make each model look like no other.

Users also have the ability to play with their 3D creation on their smartphone or tablet, placing them in different scenes and backgrounds at different times of the day and in many positions.


When it comes time to 3D print a model, the software quickly orders each module of the model by color, then neatly arranges them on the build platform so the user gets a “perfect print every time”.

The Tinkerplay app is available on mobile and desktop devices, using any of the following operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows and Windows phones. It is available for immediate download on Google Play, App Store and Windows Store. Let us know if you have downloaded and tested this exciting 3D modeling app. Discuss it in the Tinkerplay forum thread on 3DPB.com. Check out a short clip of the Tinkerplay app in action: