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Axtra3D brings hybrid laser-DLP 3D printers to market at Formnext 2022 – 3DPrint.com

To Formnext 2021start Axtra3D attracted attention for the launch of its Lumia 3D platform, which is based on the company’s patented hybrid photosynthesis (HPS) technology. Now, just in time for Formnext 2022, Axtra3D announces that the company will officially take pre-orders for the Lumia X1 and Revox X1, which together make up the first two versions of the company’s X1 series of printers.

Uniquely, HPS combines digital light processing (DLP) and stereolithography (SLA) into a single platform, meaning that Atrax3D’s hardware integrates both a projector and a laser. The Lumia X1 deploys HPS technology, while the Revox X1 uses only DLP; However, Axtra3D says it plans to offer Revox customers the option to upgrade their machines to the Lumia model. This is remarkable in itself, as it suggests the possibility that Axtra3D’s technology may eventually be adapted to other DLP platforms.

The unique aspects shared by the two X1 series models are the TruLayer and Intelli-Cartridge technology. Together, these two components make up Axtra3D’s signature print engine, which the company claims is designed to handle polymer dispensing and layering as consistently and cleanly as possible.

In a press release on the launch of its X1 Series line of 3D printers, Axtra3D Founder and CEO Gianni Zitelli said, “Our first market-ready portfolio is something to be reckoned with. as we take tank curing to the next level. . …It’s time to transcend boundaries. The technologies this team has developed are just awesome in the truest sense of the word; I’m really impressed with what we’ve created and we’re just getting started!

Next week’s attendees Next form in Frankfurt, Germany (November 15-18) can pre-order or simply check out the Lumia and Revox at booth D59 in hall 11.1.

Axtra3D, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with manufacturing and R&D operations in Italy, also recently announced that it has received $6.25 million in Series A funding. The company will use these funds for the commercial launch of the X1 series.

Few companies seem to be receiving Series A funding right now, so it’s certainly impressive that Axtra3D is able to get investors excited in such a big deal. a deplorable financial climate. Additionally, if the company is able to satisfy its customers with its first batch of shipments, it will prove to potential investors for subsequent funding rounds that it can deliver results while operating in tough economic conditions.

The real variable here might be the question of how the AM market, which always seems to be plagued by hype exhaustion, responds to a company that isn’t afraid to be aggressively enthusiastic about its product. Many customers might be wary of grandiose claims, but others might also find it refreshing, at a phase in the technology’s history where even its proponents seem intent on downplaying its potential. I just posted yesterday about what I think investors must be prepared to take greater risks if they want the industry to succeed, then there’s nothing wrong with a bit of unabashed optimism.

Images courtesy of Axtra3D