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Azerbaijani youth will participate in 3D modeling and printing within TEKNOFEST

April 1, 2022 6:10 p.m. (UTC+04:00)


By trend

Azerbaijani schoolchildren and students will take part in the Baku Skills 3D modeling and printing competition within the framework of the TEKNOFEST International Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, Azerbaijani office representative Zeynab Babayeva told Trend by TEKNOFEST.

According to Babaeva, participation in the competition is considered for categories A and B.

“Schoolchildren will participate in the competition in category A, and students – in category B. Only Azerbaijani schoolchildren and students will be allowed to participate in the Baku Skills competition,” she said.

In addition, she pointed out that most of the teams were registered for this competition in particular within TEKNOFEST.

“In the A category alone, about 175 teams applied to us, and in the B category – 52. From three to six people in each team can participate in the competitions. In the A category, the tasks have already been assigned to the teams, and participants receive the printers needed for 3D printing,” the office representative noted.

Babaeva also said Category A entrants applied until March 31, the deadline for uploading the teams’ work to the appropriate system.

According to her, the teams that will continue to participate in the TEKNOFEST festival in category B will be announced on April 6, and in category A – on April 7.

“The price for category A is 7,000 manats ($4,120): for first place – 4,000 manats ($2,350), for second place – 2,000 manats ($1,180) and for third place – 1,000 manats ($590),” the rep said. . “In category B, the prize is 12,000 manats ($7,060): for first place – 6,000 manats ($3,530), for second place – 4,000 manats, and for third place – 2,000 manats. “

“The mentors of the teams will also be rewarded: the mentor who takes the first place will receive a financial reward of 700 manats ($412), second place – 500 manats ($294) and third place – 300 manats ($176.4) “, she added. Noted.

Babaeva added that at the final stage, the teams have to complete a certain task, which will be given by the jury, on the spot.

The next international aviation, space and technology festival TEKNOFEST will be held in Azerbaijan from May 26 to 29, 2022. TEKNOFEST in Baku is organized by the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan. At the same time, the TEKNOFEST production office operates in Baku. The entire staff of the office consists of Azerbaijani specialists.

The event has been held every year since 2018, with the joint organization of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, which is managed by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Chief Technology Officer of Baykar Makina, in partnership with more than 60 Turkish government institutions, universities and private companies.

The objective is to popularize areas such as aviation, the space industry and the digital economy, to encourage entrepreneurship in these areas, to identify the knowledge and skills of young engineers through competitions organized within the framework of the festival, as well as to present national technologies to the general public.

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