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BigRep launches two new large format 3D printers at Formnext – technical specifications and prices

BigRepa German manufacturer of large-format 3D printers, has launched its latest set of systems to Formnext 2021.

The new firm BigRep PRO The printer is designed to be an industrial powerhouse, offering a build volume measuring one cubic meter. Suitable for both large parts and short runs, the system is capable of printing functional prototypes, manufacturing tools, models, molds and end-use parts.

The revamped BigRep A, on the other hand, is intended to be the company’s affordable offering. The machine provides an accessible route to large-format FFF and is aimed at designers, modelers and researchers looking to manufacture large-scale components.

“We are excited and proud to present our new additive manufacturing solutions combining our diverse hardware, materials and processes, as well as our expertise in software and controls,” said Dr. Sven Thate, Managing Director of BigRep. “The new BigRep PRO has been developed with the productivity and ease of use of our industrial users in mind. The new BigRep ONE, the original and affordable large format 3D printer, is now even more accessible and customizable for all innovative users THINKING BIG.

The BigRep PRO has one cubic meter of working space. Photo via BigRep.

The BigRep PRO

As is the case with the rest of the BigRep range, the new PRO 3D printer is characterized by its size, with a build volume of 1020 x 970 x 985 mm. Equipped with a fully fiber-ready PRO ACE extruder, the machine can be used to print a range of fiber-reinforced composite filaments, including PA12-CF.

In an effort to boost ease of use, BigRep has integrated what it calls the “Jumpstart” package with the PRO. Designed to streamline the print preparation workflow, Jumpstart would allow users to start printing in minutes by completely eliminating manual print preparation. Jumpstart includes Switchblade (a removable flexible print bed), Lockstage (an extruder mounting system), and the printer’s new MXT controls system. MXT uses proprietary algorithms to coordinate all of the PRO’s components and processes to enable speed, accuracy, and repeatability.

The BigRep PRO 3D printer.  Photo via BigRep.
The BigRep PRO 3D printer. Photo via BigRep.

The BigRep ONE

Just like the PRO, the BigRep ONE is incredibly massive. Featuring a build volume of 1005 x 1005 x 1005mm, the ONE has been redesigned to be lighter and more precise, while being configurable to customer needs.

Users will be able to choose between a single, dual, or dual extruder configuration, depending on the desired application. BigRep also offers add-ons such as an enclosed chamber enclosure, while the color of the printer is also selectable.

Additionally, the BigRep ONE comes with a fiber-ready electric extruder (PEX), allowing users to 3D print parts made of fiber-filled materials.

The BigRep ONE 3D printer.  Photo via BigRep.
The BigRep ONE 3D printer. Photo via BigRep.

Technical specifications and prices

Below are the technical specifications of the BigRep PRO and BigRep ONE 3D printers. Visit the BigRep shop page to request a quote.

BigRep PRO BigRep A
Build volume 1020 x 970 x 985mm 1005x1005x1005mm
Layer height 0.3 – 0.6mm 0.3 – 1mm
Print speed 600mm/s 500mm/s
Maximum bed temperature 100°C 80°C
Dimensions 1950x2500x1790mm 1850x2250x1725mm
Mass 1550kg 460kg

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The featured image shows the BigRep PRO 3D printer. Photo via BigRep.