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California space company orders two 12-laser 3D printers SLM Solutions

An anonymous California space company has purchased two NXG XII 600 metal additive manufacturing systems from TDM solutions.

The German 3D printing company expects the pair of 12-laser machines to make space equipment missions “more affordable and efficient by creating lighter, faster and more robust space components”.

Dr Simon Merkt-Schippers, EVP Product Management at SLM Solutions, described the machines, which launched in late 2020, as a “real game changer” for the “new space” sector. He said: “Here, traditional space companies and established players face strong growth and an urgent need for complex parts to win the modern space race. SLM Solutions technology enables more affordable missions through smarter designs that make rocket engines more efficient, taking their performance to the next level. There is probably no faster and more efficient way to explore orbit and emerge triumphant than using the capabilities of the NXG XII 600.”

The NXG XII 600 is equipped with 12 x 1KW lasers and a larger build volume of 600 x 600 x 600mm, making it ideal for mass production and large-scale manufacturing in automotive and aerospace. The machine can process a range of materials, including nickel and copper, which SLM Solutions says makes it a machine well suited to the demands of the space industry.

A number of NXG XII 600s have already been adopted by customers such as Divergent Technologies and Morf3D, with a fleet of six going to an undisclosed “large European OEM”. The machine continues the trend of multi-laser systems, which emerged towards the end of 2020, as companies like Additive Industries and Velo3D introduced 10- and 8-laser systems in a bid to increase metal AM productivity. .

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