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ELEGOO Resin 3D Printers Reach New Low Prices Starting at $220 (Save Up to 27%)

The official ELEGOO storefront on Amazon is offering two of its resin 3D printers at discounts of up to 27% off. The ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro Resin 3D Printer can be had for $219.99 shipped with the coupon on the cut page. Normally listed for $300, this $80 saving marks a new low price we’ve seen this printer listed for on Amazon. The Mars 2 Pro uses a 2K resolution monochrome LCD display for increased lifespan compared to an RGB LCD display. Screen resolution also has a direct effect on the detail visible on prints. You get a build volume of 5.1×3.1×6.3 inches with the Mars 2 Pro with an activated carbon filter to absorb resin vapours. Resin requires more work than a filament 3D printer, but the increased detail is a nice step up for those already in the hobby. Keep reading to learn more.

THE ELEGOO Saturn resin 3D printer goes for $439.99 with the coupon on the cut page. It’s 20% off the normal retail price of $550. Compared to the Mars 2 Pro, the Saturn is an overall upgrade. You will have the best 4K resolution monochrome LCD screen with the largest build volume of 7.55 × 4.72 × 7.87 inches. Time per coat is about the same as the Mars 2 Pro at around 2 seconds per coat. The 4K LCD here has the same XY resolution as the Mars 2 Pro 2K LCD at 50 microns. ELEGOO not only manufactures these 3D printers, but you can also buy resin. They are available in a variety of different colors and can be purchased in 100, 500 and 1000 gram increments. For example, the 1000 gram 405nm gray curing resin can be purchased for $29.69 with the coupon on the cut page.

At the moment, you can still save on the FlashForge Adventurer 3 3D printer at $313.50. A resin printer is not recommended for those just starting out, but this filament printer is perfect. You get the ease of use of a fully integrated system while being able to customize your printing experience. A built-in camera also lets you monitor your prints. March 31st is World Backup Day, so be sure to check out our roundup of deals on Synology storage solutions and more portable SSDs/HDDs.

ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro Resin 3D Printer Features:

  • Mars 2 Pro comes with a 6.08 inch 2K HD resolution monochrome LCD screen and only takes 2 seconds per exposure layer to cure the resin, which could greatly improve your printing efficiency. Monochrome LCD screen has much longer lifespan and stable performance during long-term printing, reducing your cost.
  • The CNC machined aluminum body makes the Mars 2 Pro a very formidable machine. The newly designed sandblasted build plate has much stronger adhesion during printing and enables consistent printing success. The built-in activated carbon could absorb the resin vapors and give you a refreshing printing experience.
  • The all-new light source structure provides more uniform UV light emission, and together with the 2K mono LCD screen, print details and accuracy are greatly improved and 3D printed models look mesmerizing.

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