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EOS has delivered and installed 1000 3D printers in North America

EOSa leading supplier of powder bed fusion 3D printers, announced the delivery and installation of its 1000th 3D printer in North America.

The machine – a AMCM M 4K developed by the company’s AMCM (Additive Manufacturing Customized Machines) subsidiary – was acquired by Sintavie, a Florida-based 3D printing service provider for the aerospace and defense industries. In addition to representing the 1000th North American delivery of EOS, this landmark system is also Sintavia’s 17th EOS 3D printer.

To commemorate this achievement, EOS presented Sintavia with a 3D printed award.

“Constant innovation, machine-to-machine consistency and industrial-scale production reliability are the reasons tomorrow’s aerospace manufacturers trust EOS,” said Sintavia CEO Brian Neff. “Their machines are the foundation of our company’s manufacturing technology, and we are thrilled to be part of this milestone achievement in EOS history.”

EOS presented Sintavia with a 3D printed “1,000th 3D Printer” award to mark the milestone. Photo via EOS.

Over 30 years of 3D printing

Founded in April 1989 by Dr. Hans Langer, EOS is a German manufacturer of industrial metal and polymer 3D printers. The company’s STEREOS 400 stereolithography system was already used by companies such as BMW in 1990, and EOS launched its first powder-based polymer sintering system soon after. More than three decades later, EOS is now considered a pioneer in the field of DMLS 3D printing and one of the largest additive manufacturing companies in the world.

The company’s AMCM business unit leverages this expertise to create custom additive manufacturing systems for industrial customers, as well as modify existing EOS 3D printers to meet individualized needs.

“When customers buy from EOS, they are installing mature technology that is backed by more than three decades of experience, along with comprehensive support for all of their AM requirements,” said Andrew Snow, senior vice president of EOS North America. “Although our industry is vastly different than it was over 30 years ago, one thing remains: EOS continues to lead the industry, pushing industrial 3D printing in revolutionary new directions. “

A collection of EOS systems at the Sintavia 3D printing factory.  Photo via EOS.
A collection of EOS systems at the Sintavia 3D printing factory. Photo via EOS.

The AMCM M 4K 3D printer

The AMCM M 4K 3D printer is one of the subsidiary’s largest format systems, offering a build volume of 450 x 450 x 1000 mm. As such, the high productivity machine is unique in that it is capable of manufacturing metal parts up to one meter in height. The AMCM M 4K also has four 1 kW lasers and is compatible with older M400 process parameter sets.

EOS believes its milestone of 1,000 printers signifies a broader trend in the additive manufacturing sector as the industry as a whole sees increasing adoption on an ongoing basis. In fact, a 2021 report from Lux Search predicts that the 3D printing market will reach $51 billion by 2030, up from just $12 billion in 2020.

“This achievement is a significant milestone in the history of EOS and a testament to the accelerated adoption of additive manufacturing in North America,” added Snow. “As the proliferation of AM continues, we remain the leading innovator in equipment, materials, services and training aimed at strengthening the successful adoption and advancement of AM as a mainstream manufacturing process. .”

The AMCM M 4K 3D printer.  Photo via AMCM.
The AMCM M 4K 3D printer. Photo via AMCM.

Earlier this year, EOS announced the expansion of its Additive Minds Academy online training program to the US market, following its successful launch in Europe. Supported by the Additive Minds team of consultants at EOS, the program is designed to provide effective and affordable industrial 3D printing training suitable for a variety of skill levels, to open up access to additive manufacturing training. to a wider audience.

More recently, the company has also made waves in the aerospace sector by being the first, with an additive manufacturing service provider materializeto be qualified to produce ready-to-fly polymeric components for Airbus using SLS 3D printing technology. Specifically, Materialize has now started 3D printing parts in EOS’ flame retardant polyamide (PA) powder, PA 2241 FR.

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The featured image shows EOS presenting Sintavia with a 3D printed “1,000th 3D Printer” award to mark the milestone. Photo via EOS.