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Flashforge Guider 3 Series 3D Printers Available for Order Starting October 20, 2022, Business News

HANGZHOU, China, October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Flashforge Guider 3 series products, including the Guider 3 3D Printer and Guider 3 Plus 3D Printer, can be ordered from October 20, 2022. Customers intending to purchase, please visit your local distributors or Flashforge official website to place orders. Guider 3 and Guider 3 Plus meet different utility requirements. Guider 3 is a cost-effective professional 3D printer for small batch production, well suited for 3D printing users in small businesses, home workshops and educational institutions. Guider 3 Plus is a professional 3D printer suitable for rapid prototyping of medium and large sized figures. Also a good option for making art and architecture models.

Flashforge Guider Series 3 3D Printers

The Guider 3 series has improved productivity and model quality

Guider 3 series 3D printing products, while Flashforge’s 2022 hit project has a high weight, greatly improve productivity and print quality. Guider 3 series printer adopts brand new CoreXY structure which supports 250mm/s high speed and low noise printing. This means that a Guider 3 series 3D printer unit could reduce printing time by 40-60%. The increased productivity of the Guider 3 series never comes at the expense of lower print quality. Even in high-speed printing mode, Guider 3 series products always guarantee printed models with finer and more precise details.

The same motion structure they have, both types of Guider 3 series printers have their unique characteristics. Guider 3 Plus with super large printing size of 350*350*600mm is able to print medium and large figures, art building miniatures and other large models. It offers fast printing and rapid prototyping, while Guider 3 with lightweight and compact body design is more suitable for small batch production. It can be used more flexibly.

Guider 3 series meets various application needs

With the increasing demands of small-batch manufacturing and personal custom modeling, rapid prototyping and rapid delivery become a competitive advantage of Guider 3 series. The improved printing efficiency of Guider 3 series can meet various needs of small businesses, home studios, schools, etc. By using the Guider 3 series 3D printing facilities, manufacturers can increase their production capacity even in a confined production space and a limited budget!

The Guider 3 series 3D printers are also configured with a powerful management system, which makes it possible to manage several 3D printing units on a single computer. Manufacturers can also monitor the printing process of each unit online. These features help respond more quickly to market demands.

More features

Guider 3 3D printers are equipped with two types of build plate: a glass plate and a flexible steel plate. Manufacturers may make different choices when printing with different filaments. The glass plate, with a super smooth and flat plate surface, ensures a much smoother first layer of printed models; just use a shovel to easily remove the templates. The flexible steel plate is a magnetic plate that can be easily adsorbed and removed from the bottom build platform. It can be slightly bent to take off large models.

Guider 3 Plus comes with two well-sealed compartments, functioning as two filament dryers boxes. Filaments using Guider 3 Plus are kept in a sealed and dry environment, preventing from becoming damp whether during printing or not.

About Flashforge

Guider 3 series 3D printers are developed by Flashforge FDM R&D team. Flashforge is world renowned in the 3D printing industry. He has deeply contributed to the development of 3D printers for professional use. Except for the Guider 3 series products featured above, Flashforge is also proud of the Creator 4 series products, another group of professional-use Flashforge 3D printers that are excellent in printing 3D printer materials. engineering and carbon fiber/fiberglass composite materials. In addition to 3D printers, FlashForge also offers high-quality 3D printing materials, free slicing software associated with 3D printers, and a full range of after-sales services. The Flashforge company aims to make contributions to digitized manufacturing, provide 3D printing solutions to small and medium enterprises, and open a new future of 3D printing intelligence.

For more information on Flashforge Guider 3 series products, please contact:

Website: https://www.flashforge.com/