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How a bicycle accident gave birth to 3D drone modeling platform SkyeBrowse

SkyeBrowse, a reality capture platform capable of converting your DJI or Autel drone video into a 3D model at the speed of coffee, was only launched in 2020, but it has already enabled services responsible for the application of law in the United States to save over 50,000 man hours and $5 million. in the reconstruction of accidents. As the startup celebrates its recent $2.3 million fundraising round with a flurry of hires, let’s take a look back at its backstory to see how “the fastest and most powerful drone reality capture platform single in the world” was born.

The year was 2016 and Bobby Ouyang was a junior at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He had just begun research on what he called “The Drone Project” with Dr. Peter Jin, a tenured professor at the Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation.

This project ceased to be a side gig when Bobby ended up in a motorcycle accident a few months later. Hours after the accident, he saw that first responders were still carrying out reconstruction of the accident, which also caused additional traffic at the scene. At that point, Bobby realized the inefficiencies of traditional crash reconstruction and decided to start SkyeBrowse full-time as co-founder and CEO.

The platform, whose customers today include the LA Port Police, the Utah State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Houston Forensics Science Center and the New Zealand Police Department, uses a patented process called videogrammetry. This technology overlays thousands of high-resolution video images to create a clearer and more accurate reconstruction of the scene than traditional photogrammetry which only uses still images.

Since SkyeBrowse’s innovative video capture technique doesn’t force a drone to slow down (as it would when taking photos), data capture time is dramatically reduced – think 50 acres in just 5 minutes! Additionally, SkyeBrowse models take only 10 minutes to process, compared to hours of processing via traditional photogrammetry. These 3D models are centimeter accurate and essentially reduce the time spent on paperwork by over 99%.

SkyeBrowse’s recent $2.3 million seed round saw the company expand its team to 24 people. But as Bobby says:

Just 2 years ago, until recently, SkyeBrowse was only four people. With our team of four engineers (myself included), we managed to create core technologies that no competitor could replicate: one-click 3D modeling with the fastest processing time in the world, the best AI in nocturnal 3D modeling and real-time thermal reality capture. Our laser focus on listening to customers and building the best technology in the industry has allowed us to grow SkyeBrowse across 200 agencies.

The seed money will also be used to develop technologies that ease pain points for first responders and the US Armed Forces.

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