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Artillery, one of the world’s top consumer 3D printer brands. Since the launch of the first 3D printer in 2019, it has become famous for its excellent 3D printer designs and high stability. In just a few years, Artillery has become a leading Chinese brand of consumer 3D printers overseas. Yuntuchuangzhi’s pragmatic craftsmanship has been recognized by many users.

Rigorous quantitative production

Design excellence is inseparable from rigorous production. In order to ensure the high quality of hundreds of thousands of advanced 3D printers every year, each production process of Yuntuchuangzhi is positioned at a high level.

Testing 3D printing materials

Product design not only adopts high standards 3D printing materialsbut each material also needs to be sampled for salt spray test, constant temperature and humidity test, etc., and can be put into production after passing the test.

Semi-automatic assembly line

Each step of the production process has strict time requirements and the producer must have sufficient skill before taking on the job.

Step by step detection

After each bottom box and nozzle are completed, they must be functionally tested, and they can only be sent to the next link after they are qualified.

Complete installation

3D printers delivered to customers are disassembled, but the production process is assembled into a complete machine. Make sure each 3D printer is easy to install and has a stable structure!

3D printing test by product

In order to ensure the normal operation of each 3d printer, [every] The 3d printer must complete the printing test before leaving the factory!

Bulky packaging

The 3D printer that has completed the printing test should be cleaned and disassembled again, and all possible moving parts are repaired. Finally, place the product in a thick protective layer of pearl cotton. After packaging, each box of products will be labeled with a unique label and wait for sampling. If the sampling fails, the products of the same batch will be isolated centrally.


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