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How to self-learn 3D modeling – 3DPrint.com

Developing 3D modeling skills is becoming a must for anyone who no longer wants to be limited to basic designs and models that can be downloaded or purchased from the Internet.

Lack of practical knowledge and basic orientation in 3D space are common problems for beginners. Popular software, both free and paid, offers quite complicated solutions with a massive toolset that is difficult to memorize and start using. To ease the learning curve, the SelfCAD editor comes with a simple intuitive user interface and logical navigation.

With a shorter learning curve, it is now possible to develop advanced modeling skills even for complete beginners. How is? Instead of spending months and hundreds of hours figuring out the logic and getting to the basics, you get started creating advanced designs in weeks. It’s not like playing with legos, it’s being an artist.

AutoCAD is an online 3D modeling and printing software dedicated to professionals, beginners and advanced hobbyists who own 3D printers and want to start modeling on their own. SelfCAD has proven its power in universities and high schools.

When getting started with the new software, a well-explained interface is a must. SelfCAD provides users with a showcase of tools, lessons and courses, tutorial videos that make it easy to reproduce even complex designs.

Each of the unlimited creation options can be used: basic 3D shapes or custom shapes created with the shape generator, shapes drawn with freehand drawing or 3D sketching, 3D images and editing imported files. There are many choices. To ensure that a 3D project is as accurate as possible, use measurements – this feature will help you get exact values ​​for any element of any created or imported object.

What is the easiest way to create a 3D model?

How about converting 3D pictures? Import an image and let the tool convert it into a 3D object to which you can apply all subsequent modifications. Perfect for creating and printing custom logos and designs.

Draw in 3D using standard plane orientation or create custom planes. Create custom drawn shapes that are extruded and ready for further modeling edits with FreeHand drawing tools.

Utilize advanced selection mode and find quick ways to apply changes to a 3D object at any level of detail. View an object as a mesh, wireframe, or both together. Create realistic models with a wide variety of sculpting brushes, add and adjust texture. Undo and redo with changed settings. Apply bevel and other nonlinear transformations to any 3D object, both imported and originally designed in SelfCAD. Hide and isolate objects when not needed in the workspace.

Work in the browser even offline. Everything will be saved in the cloud when your connection is restored. The integrated slicer allows you to generate a GCode and a 3D print directly from your browser. No need to switch between different software when all kind of what can be done with 3D object is already in SelfCAD.

If even basic modeling seems too difficult for now, no worries because SelfCAD works with imported designs. Import and edit downloaded STL files with a high level of detail. In other words, apply any tool to any imported STL file.

It’s so simple, you get used to it quickly. Try it for free!