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INTAMSYS adopter WEERG hails 3D printers that “redefine what can be achieved with FFF”

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Italian production service provider WEERG hailed the impact that adopting the global 3D printer manufacturer INTAMSYS’ technology has had on his business.

WEERG has always targeted the CNC machining customer base, but with the rapid increase in orders for additively manufactured parts, the company found itself in need of expanding its 3D printing capability. To honor these orders, the firm chose to acquire four INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 410 systems, and is said to have been so impressed with their high-temperature capabilities that he is considering installing more.

“The FUNMAT PRO 410 allows us to process high performance polymers that allow our customers to innovate with them in highly loaded, thermally challenging metal replacement applications,” said Fabio Trotti, 3D R&D Manager at WEERG. “It gives us the confidence to print 24/7, unattended, with long print jobs of over 100 hours. It redefines what can be achieved with Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology. »

WEERG’s 3D printing journey

CEO Matteo Rigamonti founded WEERG in the Venice municipality of Marghera seven years ago to speed up the process of getting quotes and delivering CNC machined parts. Now based in Gardigiano, the service bureau then equipped its website with a quoting tool based on a proprietary algorithm, which initially provided customers with CNC quotes, and now also calculates the costs of 3D printing orders.

WEERG prides itself on providing easy-to-obtain online quotes, as well as fast delivery of parts within three days, while prioritizing customer satisfaction. This approach has allowed the company to become one of the leading providers of manufacturing services, as it receives an average of 20,000 quotes per day, and its inundated quote system would be used by others in the industry to create their own references.

Initially, WEERG did not see mass production via 3D printing as viable. So when he opened his 3D department in 2017, he only installed six Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 5210s there. Based on the cost and quality of parts the company was able to make with those systems , as well as their PA11, PA12, PP and PA12+ GlassBead compatibility, she considered the project a success and continues to grow her portfolio today.

INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 410 3D printers from WEERG. Photo via INTAMSYS.

Before turning to INTAMSYS, WEERG’s combined CNC machining, FFF and resin 3D printing capabilities enabled it to create parts from three types of aluminum or steel, as well as polymers such as nylons. However, as the company received more and more requests for high-rigidity industrial components, more than half of which came from abroad, it began to research a high-temperature system.

In particular, WEERG has seen a demand from companies looking for polymer parts with properties such as flame retardance, rigidity and high electrical insulation, as well as thermal, chemical and hydrolysis resistance. Although the company was already using resin 3D printers for medical and model 3D printing, it quickly realized that it needed to acquire machines capable of processing materials such as PEEK.

“Our customers are really curious about high-performance materials and how they can use them in their business,” says Trotti. “AM innovation inspires product designers who work with us to grow in new ways, driving innovation forward.”

WEERG engineers assess the quality of an INTAMSYS-3D printed part.  Photo via INTAMSYS.
WEERG engineers assess the quality of an INTAMSYS-3D printed part. Photo via INTAMSYS.

Entry into high temperature manufacturing

Following extensive research, which saw WEERG speak with several 3D printer manufacturers and perform several benchmarking tests, the company ultimately chose to adopt INTAMSYS machines. At the beginning, the company adopted a single FUNMAT PRO 410, a system with a build volume of 305 x 305 x 406mm, which can be heated at a constant chamber temperature up to 90℃.

The company’s engineers were reportedly particularly impressed with the machine’s rugged feel and easy-to-use interface, which allows it to be used without users having to fiddle with knobs or buttons. The WEERG team was also pleased with the system’s heated filament draw, which automatically manages materials to ensure they stay within the optimal window for 3D printing consistent parts.

One of WEERG's INTAMSYS-3D printed PEEK parts.  Picture via IMTAMSYS.
One of WEERG’s INTAMSYS-3D printed PEEK parts. Picture via IMTAMSYS.

Other areas, such as the aesthetic finish of the machine, in combination with its heated chamber, dual-heated nozzles, and easy-to-use software with one-click PA12-CF and PEEK processing capabilities, would also have gone well. descended.

Since expanding its FUNMAT PRO 410 portfolio to four units, WEERG has become capable of printing PEEK prototype gears for testing, in a way that allows them to be quickly iterated. Using the system with a carbon fiber reinforced PA12, the company also began producing parts such as GoPro helmet mounting brackets, which are both lightweight and rigid enough to withstand severe impacts.

More broadly, the adoption of the machine has also disrupted WEERG’s workflow, as it is now able to run more than 100 hours of printing with confidence on the shop floor, while doing it around the clock and 7 days a week. In part, the company was able to achieve this thanks to the support of INTAMSYS, and Rigamonti says the relationship between the companies is so good because “they are always there to help”, bodes well for their continued long-term partnership. .

The engineering team using the INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 410 at WEERG.  Photo via INTAMSYS.
The engineering team using the INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 410 at WEERG. Photo via INTAMSYS.

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Featured image shows WEERG engineers evaluating the quality of an INTAMSYS-3D printed part. Photo via INTAMSYS.