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Launch of two new 3D printers ready for composites

Stratasys introduced the F190 CR and F370 CR 3D printers, as part of its F123 series, which are designed to run high-strength composite materials. Along with the two printers, the company also launched the new FDM Nylon-CF10 material reinforced with 10% carbon fiber.

Stratasys says the F370 CR and F190 CR 3D printers will help manufacturers produce end-use parts faster and cheaper, noting that FDM Nylon-CF10 is said to be over 60% stronger and nearly three times stiffer than its nylon base material.

The new printers are based on the architecture of the F123 series printers and are capable of using more advanced materials thanks to some hardware changes, including a new extrusion head. This head can handle materials with higher abrasiveness and therefore higher strength and stiffness, with Stratasys noting at a launch press conference that the modifications were “built around printing short fiber reinforced plastics “.

In terms of strength and stiffness, Stratasys says the new Nylon CF10 material falls between carbon fiber reinforced ABS, which it offers on the F123 printers, and nylon 12 with carbon fiber, which it offers on his Fortus series.

The F190 CR has a build size of 12 x 10 x 12 inches, which is the same as Stratasys’ F270 printer, and a build volume of 1440 inches.3. In addition to the new CF10 Nylon, the F190 CR can work with ABS, ASA and TPU, as well as carbon-filled ABS and Nylon, with two material bays.

The F370 CR has a build area of ​​14 by 10 by 14 inches with a volume of 1960 inches3. It can print ABS, ASA, TPU, PC/ABS, and carbon-filled ABS and nylon. It has four material bays and auto-swap, meaning there’s no need to interrupt a build to swap out materials. A new cartridge is placed and construction continues.

The new 3D printers include integrated GrabCAD Print software for the CAD-to-print workflow. Stratasys also provides connectivity to enterprise applications through the MTConnect standard and its GrabCAD software development kit. The composite-capable F123 Series printers feature reusable build plates, an integrated camera for remote monitoring, and a 7-inch touchscreen control.

Stratasys says the new F123 series printers compatible with composites and FDM Nylon-CF10 are currently available for order and are expected to ship in June.

Stratasys says the F190 CR and F370 CR 3D printers are designed to run composite materials, including carbon fiber-filled engineering plastics.
Photo credit: Stratasys