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LOOP 3D unveils its “fleet” of LOOP PRO X 3D printers at Formnext: technical specifications and prices

Manufacturer of industrial 3D printers 3D LOOP unveiled a “fleet” of new fused filament fabrication (FFF) systems at the Next form Trade show 2021.

Known as the LOOP PRO X, the company’s latest printer features a modular layout specifically designed to ease maintenance and allow users to reduce machine downtime. When chained, systems can also be managed remotely from one location via its CLOUD software, offering adopters a way to scale their production of automotive, medical, or aerospace parts.

LOOP 3D launched its PRO X 3D printer (pictured) at Formnext 2021. Image via LOOP 3D.

LOOP 3D’s industrial-grade portfolio

Founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the Turkish 3D printing bureau Teknodizayn, LOOP 3D is a developer of conventional and advanced manufacturing machinery. The company’s portfolio is built around the idea that the lack of quality and high cost of adopting many of today’s industrial 3D printers creates barriers that drive potential users away from in-house manufacturing and towards service providers.

To help make additive manufacturing more accessible to SMEs, LOOP 3D is therefore committed to making its offer as easy to use as possible, via a combination of proprietary software and machines. The company’s inaugural 3D printer, the LOOP PRO, underwent extensive beta testing and several iterations in 2017, before being unveiled at Formnext 2019 and released to market.

These changes have allowed the firm to further improve the upgradability of its machine, with the introduction of its 3D LOOP ‘Core’ and ‘Connect’ boxes. Launched at the height of the pandemic, the interchangeable devices are designed to facilitate self-service of the LOOP PRO for enterprise customers, while allowing them to scale their production capacities to meet demand when needed. .

Since then, the company has begun to expand its business, selling its machines in new global markets and deploying them in new applications. Turkish automobile company HİDROMEKfor example, has deployed the LOOP PRO to produce end-use agricultural vehicle parts that allow it to reduce machine downtime and costs.

Alongside its range of machines, LOOP 3D now also markets its DYNAMIDE materials, which have the heat resistance and durability necessary for end-use applications ranging from robotics to 3D printed architecture, as well as its 3DPrinterOS– has developed CLOUD software that increasingly enables users to address these industries on a larger scale.

The PRO X 3D printer from LOOP 3D.
LOOP 3D’s PRO X 3D printer can be configured to meet users’ manufacturing needs. Picture via LOOP 3D.

Establishment of an industrial fleet

Officially launched at LOOP 3D’s Formnext booth, the new LOOP PRO X is entirely designed to allow manufacturers to produce parts in the most flexible way possible. The build plate of the machine incorporates a magnetic spring steel film, which firmly embeds models on its surface, providing users with a way to achieve highly consistent results.

With its 500 x 350 x 500mm build volume, the machine is also capable of creating large parts in one piece, saving users the hassle of assembling smaller prints, while its modular electronics allow customers to reduce any machine downtime, as its design minimizes damage caused by problems, thus avoiding the need for on-site technical service.

“Modular electronic components are designed to minimize damage from potential problems without creating the need for on-site technical service,” explains Mehmet Erkan Ustaoğlu, CEO of LOOP 3D. “With different box designs that help categorize issues, boxes are serviced based on the type of issue. Any potential problems can then be resolved very quickly without the risk of downtime.

A selection of PRO X-3D printed components.
A selection of PRO X-3D printed components. Photo via LOOP 3D.

When used in tandem with LOOP 3D’s CLOUD software, this resiliency makes the LOOP PRO X ideal for handling mass manufacturing applications. Leveraging the program, for example, users can follow their print jobs through the PRO X’s built-in cameras from a remote workstation, or request a time-lapse video of the build instead if desired. .

The program now also offers an “expert mode”, which unlocks access to all system settings and allows manufacturers to create their own presets. By doing so, users can precisely control every sensitive print parameter, including speed, heat and shrinkage, ensuring they scale their output without compromising part quality.

Finally, in terms of material compatibility, the machine is capable of processing the company’s DYNAMIDE CF and GF composite impregnated filaments. According to LOOP 3D, these “cost-effective” polymers have “excellent mechanical and physical properties,” making them well suited for end-use part manufacturing and low-volume production.

The Core motherboard of the PRO X 3D printer from LOOP 3D.
The Core motherboard of the PRO X 3D printer from LOOP 3D. Picture via LOOP 3D.

Technical specifications and prices

Below are the technical specifications of the LOOP 3D LOOP PRO X 3D printer. Interested persons can learn more about the machines through the company’s store page, where they can also ask for a quote if you wish, or visit its Formnext stand in Hall 11.0, stand C40.

Build volume 500x350x500mm
print bed Aluminum heated
Default nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Layer thickness 50 – 300µm
machine interface 7 inch touch screen
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
File Compatibility .stl, .obj, .3mf
External dimensions 770x610x1550mm
Mass 140kg
The new PRO X offer from LOOP 3D exhibited on its Formnext 2021 stand.
LOOP 3D’s new PRO X offering on display at its Formnext 2021 stand. Photo via LOOP 3D.

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Featured image shows a fleet of LOOP 3D PRO X 3D printers. Image via LOOP 3D.