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MakerBot donates 3D printers for greater accessibility of 3D printing for STEM education

Above: (from left to right) MakerBot SKETCH®, METHOD® X and Replicator®+ 3D printers/Source: MakerBot

MakerBota Stratasys company, announcement its ongoing commitment to enabling greater accessibility to 3D printing for STEM education and youth development by donating MakerBot SKETCH®, MakerBot METHOD® X, and MakerBot Replicator®+ 3D printers and 3D printing hardware to several organizations that support underserved and low-income communities across the United States. With the addition of MakerBot 3D printing solutions, the Si Se Puede Foundation, Kihei Elementary School, Manatee Children’s Services, Inc., HATCH Workshop, and The Steam Foundation are expanding their youth development and STEAM initiatives.

MakerBot has one of the most robust 3D printing ecosystems for education. MakerBot provides a full suite of connected hardware and software solutions that address the broader needs of teachers to provide a better learning environment. Teachers can leverage the power of MakerBot Thingivers®, which has the largest collection of 3D printing lesson plans and a highly engaged community, as well as the only ISTE-certified 3D printing training programs, MakerBot Certified™. MakerBot’s easy-to-use and reliable 3D printers, along with its library of 3D printing content and design thinking, allow teachers and students to explore the possibilities of 3D printing.

3D printing for STEM education

MakerBot aims to proliferate the use of 3D printing for STEM education and has therefore donated its 3D printers to entities such as;

The Si Se Puede Foundation, based in Arizona, provides STEM programs and opportunities to underserved communities. Si Se Puede is building a STEM center that will use 3D printing for STEM education and educate students who do not have such programs in their schools. The new center will also be available to organizations that need a venue for workshops and other activities.

“In every population that is not currently engaged in the 21st century economy, we believe that at least 15% can engage. The STEM center was designed to meet a need in the community and it is to fill the STEM gap that exists in our community. Learning how to use 3D printing is becoming more and more essential as the technology becomes more widespread in the workplace.

– Faridodin (Fredi) Lajvardi, President/CEO and STEM Director of the Si Se Puede Foundation

Kihei Elementary School in Hawaii strives to develop lifelong learners and global citizens by providing relevant, meaningful, and engaging education to all students. The school aims to create a safe and culturally diverse environment in which students are encouraged to create, explore and realize their full potential.

Manatee Children’s Services, Inc., based in Florida, is a non-profit organization that provides therapy as well as various types of prevention and intervention services to youth in the foster care system. The agency intends to introduce 3D printing as a hobby to help relieve the stress children feel during the process.

HATCH workshop is a California-based nonprofit whose mission is to awaken and empower the artisan in everyone through training, resources, and other means. HATCH intends to use MakerBot 3D printers to provide training to local libraries and makerspaces on 3D printing and how best to engage local youth.

The Steam Foundation, a California-based nonprofit, is on a mission to make STEAM education accessible to all K-12 students through free virtual workshops that teach 3D printing, robotics, design graphics and coding, as well as setting up 3D printing programs. -schools with resources. The Foundation collaborated with MakerBot to increase access to 3D printing for STEM education.

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