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Manufacturer of 3D printers for electronics to buy complementary companies

The acquisition of Formatec Holding expands Nano Dimension’s product line and capabilities while positioning Formatec to take full advantage of Industry 4.0 opportunities.

Nano Dimension Ltd.a pioneer in the additively manufactured electronics market and a manufacturer of metal and ceramic 3D printers, announced its intention to acquire Formatec Holding BV and its subsidiaries, Admatec Europe B.V. and Formatec Technical Ceramics BV Complementary subsidiaries produce ceramic and metal powders, injection mold and additively manufacture parts, and build metal and ceramic 3D printers.

Nano Dimension paid $12.9 million in cash for Admatec/Formatec. According to the buyer, the subsidiaries delivered “promising financial results” under difficult conditions. In 2021, the companies made $5.3 million in revenue with a gross margin of 56%.

The acquisition will position the subsidiaries to succeed in today’s ever-changing Industry 4.0 landscape, says Nano Dimension. As for Nano, the acquisition will expand its processing capabilities and materials and equipment portfolios.

Nano Dimension offers the Fabrica 2.0, a micro-scale AM ​​system that uses DLP (digital light processing) technology to print parts such as micro-optics, semiconductors, micro-electronics, MEMS ( microelectromechanical systems), microfluidics and life science instruments.

Admatec’s Admaflex300 is designed to 3D print advanced ceramics, metals and multi-material parts on a single machine. The company says the machine is suitable for demanding applications such as mass production of silica shells and cores for high-precision castings. The lithography-based technology has a pixel resolution of 40 µm and a projection size of 202 by 102 mm. This translates to more than 12 million pixels per single layer, which dramatically increases throughput, efficiency and accuracy when 3D printing ceramics and engineered metals, Admatec explains.