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Modix announces “major” updates to its line of large 3D printers

Modix, developer of large-format 3D printers, has announced “major” updates for its 3D printers. The new Gen 4 release will expand the performance and core capabilities of the company’s large 3D printers.

Major improvements include a Independent double extruder (IDEX). With this feature, each extruder can “park” outside the bed when idle. According to Modix, IDEX significantly reduces the manual labor needed to remove supports by effectively using a special type of detachable support filament.

Improvements also include ‘high quality’ printing at 100mm/s and higher speeds for printing drafts. The speeds are made possible by Nema-23 motors on the X axis which replace the current Nema-17 motors. According to Modix, since the IDEX configuration uses two Y-axis motors, one per extruder, the motor weight load on the Y-axis is reduced and the speed is increased.

Modix now offers a comprehensive set of automated calibration routines for all models, including automated bed tilt, bed leveling, gantry alignment, and Z-offset calibration. Modix says other enhancements include optical stops that improve job retrieval accuracy, more powerful Z-axis Nema-23 motors, improved housing sealing and ergonomics, a default emergency stop button, and a new design.

Shachar Gafni, CEO of Modix, said: “Modix continues its journey to become the market leader by integrating high-end technologies while maintaining the excellent price/performance ratio of its printers. Our unique approach to modular self-assembly kits allows us to move quickly and incrementally improve our platforms over time instead of waiting for a major release.

Gafni added: “As always, backwards compatibility is an important value for Modix, so all owners of previous models will be able to upgrade their machines with these new technologies. Owners of large Modix 3D printers enjoy higher returns on investment over time compared to a closed-box alternative.

In 2021, Modix launches its third machine, the BIG-120Zwhich has the ability to print parts as tall as 1200mm.

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