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We first heard about online 3D modeling software SelfCAD last year, although it was founded in 2015 and launched in 2016 by CEO Aaron Breuer. All-in-one browser-based software simplifies the 3D printing process for both beginners and advanced users, as it allows users to model, sculpt, sketch, and cut in one program without requiring downloads, and labor can be easily saved in the cloud.

Last December, the user-friendly software received a complete new set of drawing tools, such as brush, line, rectangular and donut drawing, and this summer the platform announced a partnership with the famous market MyMiniFactory 3D printable models, so users can easily access its design library.

The simple software interface is easy to use, so beginners looking to master 3D modeling can do just that. Last month, SelfCAD launched an updated version of its online professional software, with new and improved features, developed based on its users’ personal expectations of powerful yet easy-to-use 3D modeling software. Now, we learn a little more about this new version.

SelfCAD version 2.0 has an updated intuitive user interface with a streamlined design that is even easier to use, thanks to its less confusing toolbar and scene, and features amazing new selection modes for users can easily choose the models they want.

A set of 3D sketching tools can increase the user’s level of freedom and includes new sketching brushes, which make it easier to create a variety of 3D profiles. There’s also a simple object view that includes both light and dark modes, and 2D, 3D, and freehand drawing are all easier than ever, thanks to SelfCAD’s new sketch brushes and shapes.

Additionally, an updated measurement option in the SelfCAD version makes it easier for users to design more accurate models. This new version offers flexibility, as it is possible to import, export, convert and edit from images, SVG and more than 40 other 3D file formats. Additionally, you can now also create and share 3D Facebook posts from SelfCAD.

If you want to try SelfCAD before you buy, you’re in luck – the platform is available for free on a 10-day trial basis. Then, if you are satisfied with SelfCAD Version 2.0, you can buy the modeling software online for a monthly subscription of only $14.99 or pay $139.99 for a whole year of use. If you are a student or teacher, use the promo code EDUCATION to benefit from a generous discount of 65%.

To learn more about SelfCAD before you buy, check out its exclusive YouTube channel – you’ll be able to watch videos that provide in-depth analysis of tool technology, like the one below regarding assembly and pick-up for cases of use of 3D modeling:


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