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Morphi launches augmented reality viewer for its 3D modeling apps and teases upcoming releases – 3DPrint.com

While it’s easy to find free 3D models online for 3D printing or other uses, there are limits to what you can reasonably expect to find. For example, if you have an idea for a toy you’d like to build, or a custom use like turning your 1950s Hoover vacuum cleaner into a robot, you may need to model it yourself. There is only one catch. Let’s face it, 3D modeling is hard. While that may be true, it’s also a fact that 3D modeling is easier than ever for newcomers, kids and adults alike, thanks to free or low-cost programs like TinkerCAD and ScratchyCAD. Well, here’s one you might not have heard of and is definitely worth checking out, it’s called Morphi.

Morphi is an easy-to-use 3D modeling and printing app for iPad and Mac. Morphi comes in two flavors, there’s the Morphia app, which is free with in-app purchases, and Morphi Edu, its sister app that allows in-app volume discount purchases on the iPad. Morphi debuted on the App Store in the spring of 2014. It allows users of all ages to create 3D designs, regardless of skill level, online and offline, through the use of 3D shapes from base, text, hand drawings and 2D images. It offers streamlined 3D modeling tools that enable the rapid generation of 3D printable files.

img_7617We last covered Morphi in September, when they released Morphi v2.5 for iPad, along with a new version for Mac, and Morphi Edu for iPad. Yesterday, Morphi introduced a new tool to its suite of apps, the Augmented Reality (AR) Viewer. The AR viewer is an alpha version. It allows users to place and modify their 3D models in their real environment using the iPad camera. Morphi CEO and Chief Designer Sophia Georgiou started working on the AR Viewer after seeing how Tim Brooks, an art and technology teacher at Mount Zaagkam School in Papua, Indonesia, was using augmented reality to visualize 3D models his students had created in Morphi. Along with her colleague, humanities teacher Mareen Ienusso, Brooks taught her high school students about ancient Western civilization. His students then recreated pottery and architectural models from ancient Greece and ancient Rome in Morphi. they then used AR to place their models in their classroom and on the schoolyard. As Georgiou explains:

“After meeting the school through Google Hangout, we were inspired by the possibilities and started working on a small augmented reality viewer in Morphi where users could edit and color their models in their own environment. The result is our new augmented reality button, a simple AR tool that we hope to expand with more advanced functionality over the course of the year. We consider this tool to be a great addition to Morphi’s growing suite of creative tools and are delighted to see how people will use it.

Morphi has several other new features and improvements in the works. They include a Windows version slated for release at the end of the month in alpha as well as improved 2D to 3D tools for fine-tuned drawing and to better read fine lines and turn them into 3D models. They are also preparing to launch the Morphi Educators program to connect teachers using the app in their classrooms. An Android version of Morphi is due out in April, possibly earlier. They also announced that there will be several surprise features for 3D printing, VR, and animation to be announced soon. As Morphi currently only exports .stl files for 3D printing, I would expect them to work on exporting .obj files.

I think Morphi offers a lot for both novice and advanced modelers. I have been impressed with their software ever since I first saw Morphi at NY Tech Day shortly after its launch. Their commitment to building an inclusive and globally aware community is evidenced by their recent participation in a number of events in India including MakerFest in Ahmedabad, MakerMela in Mumbai, FabLab Asian Network events in Kerala and InkTalks’ Teenovators Competition in Manipal. . As a teacher, I appreciate how Morphi makes 3D modeling accessible to students of all ages.

What do you think of Morphi, is it an application that interests you? Are you a Morphi user? If so, please discuss it on the Morphi 3D printing application forum at 3DPB.com.

Below are some videos showing Morphi’s augmented reality feature in action: