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When the 3D printing hype started a few years ago, we were promised that in a few years everyone would have a printer in their homes and would effortlessly replace things like broken buttons on devices. appliances or would 3D print any household item we might want. However, in reality, 3D printable models don’t magically appear, and although CAD software is starting to become much more user-friendly, there’s still no way for novices to quickly design an object that doesn’t. not look like it was designed by a novice. Yoda heads, cell phone cases, and vases with geometric patterns are great, but there’s only one part that a person needs.

The 3D printing industry’s lack of objects useful for 3D printing will continue to hold back its expansion into the mainstream until there are options for people who have never used 3D printers. 3D modeling software. While design software is improving rapidly, it’s not happening fast enough for beginners and new to 3D printing. Luckily, there are finally a few more options designed to automatically generate 3D models. The 3D Slash 3D modeling app is probably one of the simplest of this new wave of automatic 3D model generation software platforms, and for many of their features new users don’t need to know how to do anything to create 3d printable models. files.

Sculpt tool options.

Sculpt tool options.

3D Slash already has several easy-to-use 3D modeling tools, including a classic mode that provides users with a cube of material that they can slowly or quickly eliminate. Alternatively, they offer empty mode with provides users with an empty grid that they can fill with small building blocks. And of course they offer an import mode, so users can upload existing STL files and use the simple 3D Slash tools to modify them. Then any of the user-designed 3D models will already be a 3D printable model and will not require any additional modifications or adjustments.


This 2D logo is easily converted into a 3D logo.

The Parisian company is constantly adding new features to the 3D Slash app and has just launched a set of new features for its web design tool that makes 3D printing more accessible than ever. The new 3D Slash updates include several easy ways to create 3D models from a 2D logo, or as easy as just typing in some text.

The new text mode allows users to enter basic text into 3D Slash and then select from a handful of fonts and scripts in italics or bold. The text will automatically be converted into a 3D model which can be edited, colored or modified with a handful of tools. Logo mode is exactly what you think it is: users upload a 2D logo and the program will automatically turn it into a 3D logo. Both of these tools are extremely easy to use with intuitive controls and a low learning curve.

The last new feature added this week was the built-in 3D viewer which allows registered users to share their 3D creations on blogs or on their social media pages just like they would any image or video. Any of the models they designed can generate code that allows viewing and manipulating an interactive viewer like in the example below:

Last month, 3D Slash added functionality to include adding color to blocks, or even the ability to paint detailed images. The color feature includes two different tools, either a fill “bucket” that turns an entire cube into a single color, or the “paintbrush” tool that allows painting or tinting individual colors. Like all 3D models that can be generated using 3D Slash, 3D printable files can be sent to print with the click of a button.

3D Slash is currently available as an app on all devices and operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry pi, iOS and Android and is available online and offline. You can try all 3D Slash tools online for free.3dp_3dslash_banner