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Pixel Fold appears in new 3D images. It will have advantages over the Galaxy Z Fold4. PHOTO

A foldable phone from Google isn’t exactly a new or surprising proposition. Google develops the Android operating system, including the L version dedicated to large foldable devices or tablets. It could serve as a model for other companies not yet in the foldable business, and could be the only “clean” Android model on the market. The latest Pixel Fold leaks suggest the phone will be released soon, boast a larger form factor than other models on the market, and keep the competition’s high price tag.

Pixel Fold will adopt a slightly different design from Samsung models

Front Page Tech has released new 3D images based on actual photos of the Pixel Fold, known within Google as “Project Passport”. It looks like Google is taking user feedback for phones like the Galaxy Z Fold and trying to offer something more comfortable to use. Thus, the outer screen is larger, almost normal size for a smartphone. As a result, using the external screen will no longer be complicated, with a normal-width keyboard to type messages for example.

Pixel Fold display
photo: Front Page Tech

Inside, the folding display appears to be framed in a thicker bezel, but that won’t bother you as much if it’s a consequence of the device’s wide screen. Additionally, the Pixel Fold will use a punch-hole camera, not an under-display, with a 10-megapixel resolution, so it’s guaranteed to offer better quality than the Galaxy Z Fold4, which is disappointing despite use. of the latest Technology.

On the back, the cameras appear to be arranged in a viewfinder-style island, like the Pixel 7, with a similar camera format to the Pixel Pro.

Pixel Fold Showcase
photo: Front Page Tech

Since Google will consider this a “premium” model, the price should match as well. $1,800 would be the starting price for the Pixel Fold, meaning it will be in the same price range as Samsung’s Fold models.