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Pokemon Fans Use 3D Printers To Make Huge Gyarados And Onix Figures

Two Pokémon fans recently decided to use 3D printers to create two huge figures of the popular Generation 1 Pokémon Gyarados and Onix.

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Over the years, the Pokemon The franchise has presented gamers with around 900 cute and spooky monster designs, but the original 150 found in Gen 1 games are often considered some of the most memorable. Many of these classic Pokémon are still relevant to the franchise today, both in competitive battles and in Expanded Universe material like the anime, movies, and various manga series. Now two Pokemon fans are showing their love for Gen 1 Pokémon by 3D printing huge Gyarados and Onix figures.


It is not the first time Pokemon fans have 3D printed Pokemon figures, but this is perhaps one of the most impressive in terms of scale. Although individual Pokemon can vary in size and weight, the default sizes for Onix and Gyarados put them on the list of biggest Pokemon of all time.

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Redditor TBOPFalconWAR kicked things off by sharing a short video showcasing a 3D-printed Onix figurine made up of individual rock segments. Much like the Pokemon in question, the figure can bend and flex, indicating the presence of some sort of rubber band holding the segments together. This Onix figure is said to be around three feet and two inches long – a far cry from the size of the actual Pokemon, which can reach 28 feet and eight inches long, but is still an impressive achievement.

Shortly after TBOPFalconWAR shared their creation, another Redditor, Meet_your_Maker_LL, took to the stage. Meet_your_Maker_LL had also created a huge 3D print Pokemon figure, this one representing the popular aquatic Pokémon Gyarados. This figure is also made up of separate segments shaped like pieces of muscle and overlapping scales. The result isn’t as accurate as the Onix figure, but it’s still clearly recognizable and is said to be four feet and four inches long, more than a foot longer than TBOPFalconWAR’s Onix.

It may interest players to see that the Gyarados figure is larger than the Onix figure. While neither Pokemon The figure is life-size, Onix is ​​usually depicted as significantly taller than Gyarados, who is usually 21 feet and four inches long according to the Pokedex.

Another difference between the two figures is that the Onix figure features a textured stone and painted mouth and eyes, while the Gyarados figure appears to be made of unpainted blue plastic. However, it should be noted that Gyarados features more complex colors and design elements than the relatively simple Onix. It is possible that Meet_your_Maker_LL intends to finish painting the details of their Pokemon figure in the future.

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