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Renishaw launches latest 3D modeling software – FixtureBuilder 8.0

UK based engineering company Renishaw announced the launch of Fixture Builder 8.0the latest version of the company’s 3D device modeling software.

Packed full of new features and enhancements, the software is available for purchase now through the Renishaw distribution network. Potential customers can also try a 30-day free trial on the company’s website.

The FixtureBuilder user interface. Image via Renishaw.

Fixture Builder 8.0

FixtureBuilder allows users to digitally design metrology fixture assemblies without the need for physical coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) or other inspection devices. It aims to increase productivity by reducing the setup time needed to model and plan these assemblies. Users can import CAD models of parts directly into the software which can then be exported, along with the rest of the fixture configuration, into third-party inspection programming software.

Looking at the latest iteration of FixtureBuilder, users can now model fixtures that use Renishaw’s physics QuickLoad rail system, whereby a safe clamping position can be created when used in conjunction with QuickLoad base plates. The plates are attached to the rail on each side using quick release magnets and locating pins. The rail and plates themselves are modular and can be interchanged, giving machine operators the ability to quickly inspect and release parts.

Version 8.0 also introduces a number of new fastener components to the software library, such as M12 fasteners, ¼-20 fasteners and even a set of metrology tables. The program’s enhanced mechanism mode now provides real-time motion and collision detection with greater accuracy, further reducing device setup times.

Finally, the export functionality has been redesigned. Device models can now be exported to inspection software at a faster rate, simplifying the whole process. A number of new 3D CAD file formats are also now compatible with the software, including the latest versions of Parasolid, STEP, ACIS, STL and IGES.

The QuickLoad track in FixtureBuilder.  Image via Renishaw.
The QuickLoad track in FixtureBuilder. Image via Renishaw.

3D modeling software

While Renishaw is certainly one of the largest organizations involved in 3D modeling and visualization software, it is not the only one. Realize Medicala virtual reality company specializing in medical 3D modeling recently announced a partnership with a device manufacturer Logitech who will see his The Elucis VR platform is equipped with interactivity. With Logitech’s first-generation VR Ink Pilot Edition stylus, users will now be able to accurately draw and edit 3D medical models directly within the Elucis virtual environment.

Elsewhere, Tech Soft 3Done of the leading software development kit providers, has started using its HOOPS development kit platform to help Planner to integrate Visualization of the 3D model in its Assembly Planner software. Proplanner customers will now be able to better plan their engineering workflows with additional 3D model visualization capabilities, as well as in-depth digital 3D model data.

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The featured image shows the FixtureBuilder user interface. Image via Renishaw.