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Save up to $150 on these Anycubic FDM 3D printers in Amazon Prime Day deals

Amazon Prime Day is here and the annual summer sales event produces great deals, and if you’re looking to cash in and grab a bargain on a 3D printer, now might be the time to do it.

The two 3D printers offered here are the Anycubic Mega S (now 31% off (opens in a new tab)) and the Anycubic Mega X (now $150 off (opens in a new tab)). We have tested and reviewed many 3D printers from Anycubic and can vouch for brand quality and reliability. 3D printing has become widely accessible lately and Anycubic is partly responsible for this with the affordability of some of their models, and the deals on Amazon Prime Day only help with that.

Both printers give you the ability to print the designs you like, reliably and in different sizes. The Anycubic Mega S has a smaller print volume while the Mega X is a larger printer and can print larger models as well. If you want to do more research on 3D printers, we have a comprehensive guide to the best 3D printers of 2022 that you can also check out.

These are two great 3D printers for people with little to no 3D printing experience. Both are affordable options and both are really easy to set up. The Mega S Anycubic (opens in a new tab) is particularly good for novices as its ability to print up to 8.27 x 8.27 x 8.07 inches (length, width, height) means you can print some pretty cool stuff but you’ll have to learn how to walk before you can run, so to speak. It also has a print resume button, so in the event of a sudden power failure, the printer continues where it left off. It has a rigid metal frame for added stability and its dual rod motor is more durable than a traditional clutch motor.

The Mega X Anycubic (opens in a new tab) it’s a bit more expensive but it’s worth it. It’s quick and easy to set up, has a maximum build volume of 11.8 x 11.8 x 12 inches, which means you can print larger models than the Mega S. It also has a double-sided design. Y-axis and a Z-axis twin-screw design for better precision when printing. It also has the print resume option in case of sudden power failure.

Both printers come with lifetime technical support, so if you need help with anything, Anycubic will provide it. If you’re looking to try your hand at 3D printing, then Prime Day is a great time to cash in as both of these printers are great for beginners.

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