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SkyeBrowse Drone 3D Modeling Solution Reduces Subscription Cost by 20%

At a time when businesses at all levels are raising prices to catch up with rising costs, a drone startup is looking to turn the tide. SkyeBrowse, whose reality capture platform allows DJI and Autel drone users to create accurate 3D models in minutes, cuts its annual subscription cost by 20%.

SkyeBrowse is the brainchild of several research projects at Rutgers University funded by state and federal agencies. Unlike conventional 3D modeling software that uses a technique called photogrammetry (stitching hundreds of images together) to digitally reconstruct a scene, SkyeBrowse uses a patented technology called videogrammetry. This technology allows 3D reconstruction with a single 90 second drone video.

The platform only launched in 2020, but it has already helped law enforcement agencies across the United States save over 50,000 man-hours and $5 million in reconstruction of accidents.

And clearly, SkyeBrowse wants more users to benefit from its one-click 3D modeling experience. That’s why the company is reducing its subscription cost from $1,890 per pilot to $1,499 per pilot per year. This 20% drop also brings SkyeBrowse’s monthly subscription down to $149/month.

In addition, all paid upgrades – including those suitable for SWAT, disaster relief, HAZMAT and demonstrations – are included free of charge in the annual pilot price. And that’s a big deal because, as SkyeBrowse points out, these upgrades can sometimes cost users an additional $10,000, depending on their needs.

Bobby Ouyang, co-founder and CEO of SkyeBrowse, summarizes:

Over the past year, inflation has raised the prices of all the goods and services around us. It is now more expensive to buy gas, groceries and even drones. Today at SkyeBrowse we are also changing our prices. We’re reducing the cost of our annual subscription and hope you’ll use the savings to buy other everyday essentials.

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