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SkyeBrowse Launches Hyper-Enhanced 3D Modeling Software for Accident Reconstruction and Tactical Operations

SkyeBrowse, the fastest and easiest drone reality capture platform, launches a new and improved version of its proprietary software: Hyper.

Designed for departments that demand the highest level of clarity, Hyper creates realistic 3D models in just 2 minutes. Agencies with Hyper will be able to tactically spot entry and exit points for on-site SWAT situations. Accident investigators and crime labs are now able to generate hyper-realistic scenes in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of traditional scene reconstruction.

This upgrade uses the same iOS and web app as the flagship SkyeBrowse, but it creates a hyper-realistic textured 3D model in less time. Instead of 10 minutes of processing, Hyper only takes a few minutes to generate a fully textured, centimeter-accurate 3D model. Current SkyeBrowse users can also expect up to a 25% increase in processing speed for existing 3D modeling.

“We created Hyper for departments that need the highest quality 3D models with as much textured detail as possible,” said SkyeBrowse co-founder and CEO Bobby Ouyang. “Some departments require that CSI, OIS and accident reconstruction be accurately documented as quickly as possible. Hyper is another step towards democratizing faster, higher resolution 3D model reconstruction. We are very happy to bring it to market.

To celebrate the launch, all current SkyeBrowse users will be automatically upgraded to Hyper for the next 2 months. Hyper starts at $2,999 per user per year. To learn more about SkyeBrowse Hyper, visit https://www.skyebrowse.com/#hyper.

SkyeBrowse uses patented videogrammetry technology to create centimeter-accurate 3D models. With the push of a single button, the SkyeBrowse app will command a drone to fly and capture video footage autonomously. When images are uploaded to the SkyeBrowse website, the processing technology overlays thousands of video frames to create a 3D model in minutes. SkyeBrowse has saved more than 20,000 hours of labor and over $1,500,000 in expenses reconstructing traditional crashes.

About SkyeBrowse:
SkyeBrowse is the world’s fastest and easiest drone reality capture platform. Designed by first responders for first responders, SkyeBrowse lets anyone create a 3D model with the press of a button. With over 8,000 documented crashes on its CJIS-compliant servers, the Texas-based company is trusted by agencies such as the Port of Los Angeles Police, Houston Forensics Science Center, New York Fire Department and many others.

Learn more at www.skyebrowse.com.