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Stratasys launches two new composite 3D printers in its F123 series

Above: Stratasys has released two new composite-ready 3D printers for manufacturers/Source: Stratasys

Stratasysleader in polymer 3D printing solutions, announcement the addition of two new composite 3D printers, namely the F190™CR and F370®CR 3D printers, as well as the new carbon fiber reinforced FDM® Nylon-CF10 material, to its F123™ series of 3D printers. The new composite-ready printers deliver materials with high stiffness and strength in a hardened machine ready to print composite materials.

The new composite 3D printers are intended to complement traditional manufacturing technologies with high-strength composite 3D printing for manufacturers and industrial machinists. Printers help manufacturers produce end-use parts faster and more cost-effectively, and they’re ideal for jigs, fixtures, and part-holding tools.

Composite 3D printers

Stratasys composite 3D printers offer greater material availability, larger build volume, soluble media options, and lower cost per build volume due to the large oven size. Additionally, the larger, fully heated build chambers of the F190CR and F370CR printers, combined with the ability to use stabilizer walls, allow manufacturers to print taller parts than competitor machines.

The new composite 3D printers come with integrated GrabCAD Print™ software, which offers a simple and intuitive CAD-to-print workflow as well as advanced features to ensure successful prints. Through the MTConnect standard and its GrabCAD software development kit, Stratasys also provides connectivity to enterprise applications. Reusable build plates, an integrated camera for remote monitoring, and a 7-inch touchscreen control are all included with the composite-capable F123 Series printers. The F370CR printer also supports automatic material switching, which eliminates the need to pause a build to replace materials – simply insert a new cartridge and the build resumes.

“I’ve been in the engineering field for over 35 years and love to innovate, not only in developing new products, but also in the processes and tools we use to develop our products. For over 20 years, Stratasys has allowed me to do just that through 3D printing. Over the years we have expanded our fleet of Stratasys printers and expanded our applications beyond prototyping to tools, fixtures and grippers for our robots. The new Stratasys F370CR printer will allow us to take our AM applications to a new level, extend the life of our tools and even provide a better surface finish.

– Dave Thompson, Vice President of Worldwide Engineering and Customer Service – Contractor Equipment Division for Graco, Inc.

According to Dick Anderson, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing at Stratasys, “Stratasys provides manufacturers with the 3D printers and materials needed to support the growth of additive manufacturing in the factory floor, including these new printers that enable manufacturers to build printers stronger, more rigid and print more precisely. We have verified and published data that proves these new printers have up to 99% dimensional repeatability, regardless of part size or geometric complexity. This, combined with 99% uptime and one-stop service and support, gives manufacturers the confidence to accelerate their adoption of additive manufacturing. »

Stratasys also introduced FDM Nylon-CF10, a new composite material for the F123 series printers that is over 60% stronger and nearly three times stiffer than the base nylon material. Chopped carbon fiber material is just one of many thermoplastic materials compatible with the F123 series printers. Manufacturers can print any geometry without restriction when using Stratasys Soluble Support. Several other engineering thermoplastics are supported by the F190CR and F370CR printers.

The new Nylon-CF10 composite and FDM 3D printers are now available for pre-order and will ship in June.

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