3d printers

Stratasys provides 3D printers to help medical students develop their skills

3D printing leader Stratasys Ltd. donated several 3D printers to the University of Minnesota research labs.

The Rehovot, Israel-based company sent printers from its Digital Anatomy and MakerBot product lines to UM’s Visible Heart labs in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. These labs support medical research, student and physician training, and medical device product development and testing.

Stratasys Digital Anatomy 3D Printers produce anatomical models that mimic the real feel, responsiveness, and biomechanics of human anatomy, including models that can be punctured, sutured, cut, and physically manipulated like real human tissue.

During their training, all UM medical students use the Visible Heart labs to learn about 3D printing technology and how anatomical models can help them in their future practice. Visible Heart Laboratories is also committed to providing hands-on education in cardiac anatomy and device therapy to students from college to clinical cardiologists.

In a press release, President of the Americas, Rich Garritty, said Stratasys “is confident that the widespread use of 3D printed anatomical models in healthcare would result in better, more cost-effective patient care and faster time to market for new innovations in medical devices”.

In addition to educating medical students, patients, and physicians, Visible Heart Laboratories’ 3D printing technology supports medical device research in a variety of coronary medical device applications.