3d modeling

The potential of 3D modeling

Contemporary art relies heavily on 3D animation. It also requires an understanding of the 3D models used in its construction. 3D animators require a deep understanding of the image, render engine settings, and 3D animation tools in order to produce high quality results. The most crucial thing is that you need to be a good storyteller to get your point across.

Whimsygames Game Animation Services would like to provide you with an introduction to 3D Animation in this article.

For a single game in 2005, 10 modellers were enough to create all the models. In addition to 20-30 modelers working in-house, several large companies are now employing up to 50 remote workers to help create massive games.

That is why in recent years, many outsourcing studios have opened in Russia and around the world, and some of them employ more than 200 modelers!

The technology used by video games is incredibly in demand. Moreover, these technologies go far beyond video games.

As a result, the need for 3D people is also constantly increasing.

3D isn’t just for games

It was originally created for computer games. In virtual and augmented reality, interior design and graphic animation.

Some TV broadcasters even use real-time rendering for weather forecasts! 3D requirements in film, animation, print, advertising and design. Invisible work with revisualization for the film. The film is sketched in 3D then re-shot with real actors. This thing is called Previs, and it’s standard for most blockbusters.

3D route

  1. You can model for computer and mobile games.
  2. You can model cartoons and movies.
  3. Participate in an independent project and create your own game together. Indie developers are a group of people who write their own games. Yes, many projects are done for free and sometimes it’s hell. But on such projects you will get connections and gain experience working on a live project.
  4. You can work on VR/AR projects. Despite the fact that this market is now very small, you can become the first and the best. In 5 to 10 years, AR/VR will be everywhere. And all the 2D design will turn into 3D.
  5. Mock-ups and workshop models are also a promising avenue. Marketplaces are 3D model stores, like the Unity Store or the Unreal Marketplace. An example of workbenches is paid models for Dota 2 or textures for Counter-Strike.
  6. Or you can draw artwork from 3D models.

This is the very work without which no modern project can do without. Models are needed everywhere.

3D modeling skills are a good starting point for learning computer graphics. Knowing it, you can go in any direction to your liking.

And the fundamental knowledge that you will master during modeling training will accompany you for years.

Modeling Isn’t As Scary As It Seems

Myth 1: You need an art education

You don’t have to be an academic artist to accomplish this, so forget that. Despite the fact that this is not a story about us, we have a lot of the same knowledge. Modeling high-level video games and anime series has never been a problem for us.

Of course, an artistic background will help you a lot to pump 3D, but it is not necessary. You don’t have to be an artist to get started. You will become one by working.

Myth 2: There are hundreds of complex buttons

Yes, there are hundreds of them. But 90-95% of them you don’t need. You don’t need to know ALL the buttons and functions of the program to put together a small collage or make photo corrections in Photoshop, or to create a simple spreadsheet in Excel with a graph and an automatic sum.

Ditto for modeling! There are hundreds of buttons in programs simply because 3D is big and different: they are needed for animation, rigging, particle simulation, lighting and rendering, and for hundreds of tasks including I’ve never even heard of it! At the same time, the basic functions of the programs, which are necessary only for modeling, can be learned in just a few days, and you can immediately start making the first models.

Three-dimensional space is big, but it is made up of simple things. It’s the same process as assembling a bed from Ikea. You need to follow the instructions, then everything will be fine. Your first assembled bed is likely to be twisted, but you’ll love it because you put it together yourself (it’s called the IKEA effect, by the way). But with each new item you collect, you’ll learn how to craft them quickly and easily!

Modeling is not something to be terrified of. To start modeling, all you have to do is familiarize yourself with the basic capabilities of the program.

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