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These are the four most useful accessories for 3D printers

When we look around us, we can see how 3D printing is gaining more and more ground around us. With it comes a change in habits that could bring one of these machines into every one of our homes. So if you want to be part of the technological evolution, these are the most useful accessories to complement 3D printers.

Discover the most useful accessories to complement 3D printers

As we well know, a 3D printer works with a printing mechanism similar to the one we already know. The detail is in how you use layers to create different three-dimensional textures and structures.

Therefore, in general, we can use normally if we have the resin or the plastic to load it. But if we want to get the most out of our 3D printers, then this quartet of useful accessories is worth looking into.

3D scanner, to scale reality

One of the first tools we should mention is Creatily’s 3D scanner. These accessories are basically useful when you want to copy or model a specific real-life object with 3D printers.

Thanks to it, you can fully scan an object (even a person) to create a 3D digital double. Then, with the data obtained from the scan, you can ask the printer to develop a three-dimensional scale model with all the details you want.

Specifically, Creatily’s improved CR-Scan 01 model comes with its own tripod and turntable so you can perform your scans. Likewise, it also has a manual mode in case what you want to scan is bigger. Currently, it offers an accuracy of 0.1 millimeters and its total installation takes less than 1 minute.

If you want to invest to unleash your creativity, you can get the 3D scanner via this link.

Cleaning kits, to keep everything in its best condition

Cleaning and maintenance accessories for 3D printers.

Like any other equipment or tool that we have in each one, if we want to preserve it in the long term, it is necessary that we take basic precautions with them. For this reason, cleaning kits for 3D printers will be the most useful accessories to take care of it.

Specifically, we at TekCrispy can recommend the ChowThink Kit which includes 32 parts designed to help you keep your 3D printer in top condition. These include tweezers for cutting filament (resin or other material), a digital electronic caliper, a complete blade cleaning set, needle nose pliers, as well as needles and cleaning brushes, among others. all in a suitcase-shaped box to store the components.

If you want to keep your 3D printer always in its best condition, you can click on this link and buy the kit which we told you about.

Resin remover, for the cleanest results

In line with the previous one, another of the most useful accessories that 3D printers need are resin strippers. After all, with them we can remove all excess left in inappropriate places after a print job. In this way, we will make sure that we do not hinder the conditions for the next one.

In order to make the best investment possible, we recommend that you obtain complete stripper sets, so that you always have one on hand when you need it. In particular, the presentation of 8 soft pallets could serve you, which will give you quantity without filling your house with these small pallets.

Specifically, the current kit offers two colors overall, yellow and black in equal parts. Its dimensions are 5.27 inches high by 2.34 inches wide. Thanks to them, you will never have to worry about misplaced leftovers again.

If you want to buy this set, you only have to Click here.

Filament storage bags, so everything stays in its place

Finally, another detail that cannot be omitted is the filament storage bags. Specifically, they can help you keep all your documents in order. This way, not only will you have them organized when you need them, but you can also make sure that you store them in a way that environmental conditions cannot negatively affect them.

In particular, we can recommend Goograin brand bags. In the current offer, they come in a 10-piece set which also includes a hand pump, 2 sealing clips and 25 humidity indicator cards. Why? Cooler bags will also help you control humidity and keep it at bay with vacuum seals for less than $20.

If you want to invest in your organization and the protection of your equipment, you can take the first steps enter this link.