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This cutting-edge 3D modeling and animation program is over 75% off

Remember when all an artist needed was a brush and an easel? Today, your ideas may start in a sketchbook, but they can come to life with the quality of 3D graphics software available on the market today.

The only question for budding digital artists is “Which one?” Platforms like Redshift and Octane Render have a deep toolset, but the average artist will pay dearly for features they’re unlikely to use. If you’ve just entered the world of 3D graphics, but want plenty of room to grow, a great option is Poser Pro’s 3D Art + Animation software for Windows and Mac. It’s a comprehensive piece of software that’s accessible enough for beginners to dive into while still being fully capable of getting stunning cinematic-quality results.

The interface invites you to dive in and play right from the start, with plenty of humanoid, animal, and alien presets just waiting to be customized. They’re all fully rigged for easy animation and can be layered with a wide variety of art styles, from photorealistic to cartoonish and everything in between. Of course, you can just as easily import your own templates or create them from scratch. Once it’s time to flesh things out, the brush-based morphing tools can intuitively stretch characters into any shape you can think of, while maintaining that frame of animation.

Set the scene with natural lighting effects; add smoke, dust or grime to bring your hero back to earth; take your model’s realism to the next level with skin effects like subsurface diffusion; and adjust facial expressions to a minute degree. You can even literally put words in their mouths with a lip-sync feature, just by importing a sound file.

Add customizable props and objects for your character to interact with, all in the same lighting and look as your original design. In short, it’s a great tool for games, comics, fine art, or anywhere you want your creation to end.

PCMag readers can get lifetime access to Poser Pro: 3D Art + Animation Software for Windows and Mac for $79.99, which is 77% off the retail price.

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