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This open source library strives for black representation in 3D games

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The Afro Hair Open Source Library, which will debut on June 16, 2023, will serve as a rich free database filled with a varied mix of black hairstyles for video games, Vice reported.

The initiative is led by UC Santa Cruz assistant professor AM Darke, who wants to normalize black inclusion in the gaming industry. Darke said she felt compelled to create the “open source platform dedicated to black hair” after failing to find black hairstyles on popular 3D asset websites. Instead, Darke was shocked to see a number of offensive caricatures of black men and women, from hyper-sexualized black female tropes to “Jim Crow-era mammies and minstrelsy,” the man said. 36 years old.

“We can all be stewards, we can all be stewards, we can all look at work and think about how to use it ethically and report unethical practices,” said Darke, who teaches digital arts, new media and performance. The game and the design explained. “I want to create an open space for all black people to have this conversation about what we want it to be.”

Darke has set out to recruit a team of all black 3D artists to create the free database which will be filled with 3D assets usable for games and animation in addition to an online gallery to help bring black representation positive to the world of video games.

The Oakland-based artist claims black hairstyles in games like WWE 2K and Elder Scrolls have been significantly limited or poorly designed. Other games offer a limited number of styles for black gamers that don’t go beyond cornrows, afros, and dreads. Designing more inclusive hair types can be quite challenging given the unique textures and curls of black hair, but Darke thinks it’s not impossible.

“With every problem, chances are there are already black people out there thinking about it, working on it, knowing how to do it, and we just haven’t asked them,” she added. . “My thoughts were, ‘We know how to do this, but maybe we don’t have the time, material and community support to write our own visions. “”

Since the project’s inception, Darke has been able to award first-round selected 3D artists with $1,500 stipends for their creations. So far, six artists have been selected to create a character bust featuring “nine unique hairstyles,” and they have complete creative control.

Check out a preview of what you can expect to see in the Afro Hair Open Source Library here.

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