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UnionTech to showcase new 3D printers, materials and software at Formnext 2022 – 3DPrint.com

Increase its presence in the industrial 3D printing market, Union Tech offers a wide range of 3D printing products ranging from industrial 3D printers to materials and software. For Next 2022, UnionTech will be bringing new 3D printers, materials, and use cases to its booth, #121-B02.

In recent years, based on its expertise in additive manufacturing technology, excellent product R&D and market exploitation capabilities, UnionTech has been involved in the fields of industrial metal 3D printing, industrial FDM and professional LCD. At the same time, UnionTech has also been committed to developing high-performance materials and improving 3D printing systems, striving to become a global benchmark in 3D printing.

In the global 3D printing market, UnionTech is widely known as a provider of industrial 3D printing technology and integrated 3D printing solutions. With leading scale, deep industry influence and brand reputation, it has the largest group of customers in the industrial sector. Showcasing its capabilities, UnionTech will showcase the following four 3D printers at Formnext 2022.

Four UnionTech 3D printers at Formnext 2022

π200: Extremely precise DLP 3D printer

The π200 is a digital light processing (DLP) 3D printer for industrial applications. It uses industrial-grade 4K precision optical structure light source technology. With revolutionary precision, quality and reliability, it is perfect for the industry. Print resolution is incredibly fine, reaching down to 30-50μm, producing an angular, smooth surface finish that traditional techniques cannot match. The π200 offers three printing modes: fine, balanced and smooth mode.

Cute 380: Large Scale Industrial DLP 3D Printer

Modern office interior with equipment and city view. 3d rendering

The Cute 380 is a down-throw DLP 3D printer with a build envelope of 384×216×300mm. An industrial-grade 4K optical engine enables the Cute 380 to produce industrial molds with fast speed and high surface quality. The Cute 380 has many potential applications, especially for offices and studios.

The Cute 380 features a unique, fully automatic light intensity uniformity correction. Through its self-developed algorithm, UnionTech has improved the uniformity of light intensity up to 95% or more.

Evodent S300: Precise, reliable and high quality 3D printer for dentistry

The UnionTech Evodent S300 is an accurate, high quality and reliable 3D printer for dentistry. The intelligent algorithms developed by the company guarantee an accurate reproduction of each dental model, meeting the needs of dental laboratories and clinics. This includes over 95% light intensity uniformity and a print envelope of 249.6 × 140 × 240 mm.

The large build area of ​​the S300 supports the production of eight full-size models with inserts and four quarter models on a single platform. Multiple sets of high-quality models can be 3D printed in the same day. When the aligner models are positioned vertically, more than 32 will fit in the chamber, which will facilitate mass production. With this incredible throughput, your entire aligner production can be started in-house with just a few printers.

UnionTech has been deeply involved and growing rapidly in the field of dentistry in recent years. Launched by UnionTech in July 2017, EvoDent is a brand of 3D printers dedicated to dentistry. Using professional 3D printing technology, EvoDent was developed to revolutionize dental treatment, transforming it from traditional manufacturing to digital manufacturing and becoming the standard definition of 3D printing for dental applications.

Martrix: the good friend of the office

Illustrated view of modern clean room workplace. Mock up of workspace with wooden table and computer on it, with plant and scanner on the shelf.

The Martrix is ​​the ideal resin 3D printer for maximum flexibility. The Martrix offers open access to materials, industrial performance and excellent industrial-grade stability. The Martrix has a very high quality optical system, with integrated lens technology. The energy density behind the screen can reach 6 mw/cm², while other similar printers only reach 2-3 mw/cm². This high energy density allows the light to react more completely with the resin per unit time. This not only speeds up the printing speed, but also introduces a better curing effect, while providing users with a wide choice of high-performance materials.

Other UnionTech 3D Printing Products

UnionTech has also developed other 3D printing products that will be exhibited at Formnext 2022.

Ultra-RC70: ABS-like SLA material

Ultra-RC70, UnionTech’s high performance single material SLA photopolymer will be unveiled at Formnext 2022. It is the most ABS-like material with good surface quality, high tensile strength, impact resistance izod, suitable elongation, high heat distortion temperature (69.5℃) and good anti-aging properties. All of this makes the Ultra-RC70 the best choice for functional verification and direct manufacturing.

Ultra-RC70 can be applied to scenarios that require high tensile and impact strength, as well as high heat distortion temperatures. In many cases, it has the potential to replace engineering plastic ABS and can be used to directly print accessories for end-use applications.

Unionfab ONE: automation software

Unionfab ONE is a fast, collaborative, one-click, free-to-download automation tool for the 3D printing industry that simplifies the printing process, lowers the print threshold, and improves print quality with to the integration of hardware, software and intelligent tools. parameter settings, making it easier for engineers to get started.

At the same time, Unionfab ONE connects the information path between equipment and users, as well as between individuals, opening up the automation of the entire 3D printing process, from order flow to pre-processing and printing on a machine.

UnionTech focuses on additive manufacturing, offering 3D printers, materials, software and printing applications for global customers, with a complete 3D printing ecosystem. Currently, UnionTech operates in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, serving more than 3,000 customers in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.