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VECTARY makes 3D modeling quick and easy for new and experienced designers – 3DPrint.com

For someone who has never tried 3D printing before, there are a lot of things that can be intimidating. If you’re not familiar with technology, learning it can feel like learning a new language, especially when it comes to modeling software. Even those experienced with 3D modeling and CAD software face challenges; it’s one thing to create a fairly basic shape, but if you want to create a print with some complexity, things can get a little tricky. 3D printers are capable of printing amazing things, so being limited by the capabilities of modeling software seems like a waste.

This is where VECTARY comes in. The new online 3D modeling tool has been designed to make modeling much faster and easier for both new and experienced designers. Both a platform and a tool, VECTARY allows users to create the most complex designs directly in their browsers. Templates are then automatically saved to the cloud, allowing for easy sharing and access. No installation, configuration or external device is required.


“We’re not just another 3D modeling tool,” CEO Michal Koor told 3DPrint.com. “We would love to help create a community full of 3D inspiration. We believe that even people without prior experience will be able to start modeling in no time. On the one hand, we provide a tool for creating, on the other hand, we want to inspire and provide a platform where anyone who doesn’t feel like creating something from scratch can customize an existing model. We hope that a large community of makers and designers will use our tool daily to turn their visions into real things.

VECTARY-Bike-WiredFrameVECTARY won’t officially launch until spring, but if you visit the site now, you can sign up for early access. A limited number of people – first come, first served – will be allowed to try out the service before it opens to the general public. So how does it work? Quite simply, in fact. Users can quickly generate a model using a series of sliders and then refine it with standard modeling tools, rather than building it from scratch, which can be time-consuming, especially if you try doing something a little more. complicated.

“Inspired by the growth of the 3D printing industry and the potential of 3D printing as a unique way to manufacture the most complex shapes, we realized that it is very difficult to fully utilize this potential. only with standard modeling techniques,” Koor continues. “It inspired us to combine standard mesh and parametric modeling. Wanting to make modeling accessible to everyone, we decided to create an extensible online tool with parametric plugins through which you can create common objects, mainly driven by 3D printing, effortlessly.

Based in Slovakia, VECTARY was created by Koor, an industrial designer with extensive experience in 3D design, and Pavol Sovis, a programmer and developer who now serves as CTO. Modeling with VECTARY is free and will eventually become even more interactive and user-focused than it is now. According to Sovis, the company will open up its API in the future, allowing users to create their own plugins to generate custom models. Check out their Facebook page or connect with them at Twitter. Discuss this software in the VECTARY forum thread on 3DPB.com. Now you can watch a quick demo of the tool below: