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Vertex adds a Xerox ElemX to its list of metal 3D printers

Once the ElemX has melted the aluminum wire, electromagnetic pulses around the outside of the molten puddle “squeeze” the pulses back and forth, and individual drops of molten metal emerge from the nozzle at the rate of hundreds of drops per second. Photocopy

Vertex Manufacturing acquired a Photocopy

Elem Additive Solutions ElemX metal printer. Summit, a PrinterPrezz Cincinnati-based company will use the 3D printer to build aluminum parts for customers.

According to Xerox, the 3D printer builds parts from aluminum wireminimizes post-processing, incorporates the company’s liquid metal technology, and can be used without modification to the user’s installation.

In addition to the new Xerox machine, Vertex operates metal printers from GE Additive and Velo3D, as well as a Fortus FDM for additive manufacturing of thermoplastics and various CNC metal cutting machines.

PrinterPrezz, which acquired Vertex in November 2021, is a medical technology company focused on combining 3D printing and nanotechnology to meet the needs of the spine device market. Vertex serves companies in the medical, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, and consumer markets.

(The ElemX was introduced in late 2020 and represents Xerox’s entry into the 3D printing space. Learn more about the first machine the company fielded here.)