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Windows 11 on Surface Duo can now play 3D games including Skyrim and Minecraft

What do you want to know

  • Windows 11 Project on Surface Duo recently added the ability to run 3D games.
  • A bug fix also removed graphical glitches that caused screen glitches when driving both screens.
  • The project is run by an independent developer who specializes in running Windows on unsupported hardware.

The Windows 11 Project on Surface Duo is a fun development we’ve been following over the past year. Indie developer Gustave Monce, who is known for running Windows on unsupported hardware, has been hard at work getting Windows 11 to work on the Surface Duo. The project took a major leap forward in June by adding support for multiple sensors. Now the GPU is working properly, marking another major breakthrough.

I followed up with Monce recently to check out the project. Since June, Monce has managed to smooth out the issues affecting the screens. Both foldable screens now work when running Windows 11 without any issues. Monce explained the fix.

“The GPU has a dedicated memory region for tiled textures, it was incorrectly doubled from what it should have been, so more tiled textures made their way into GPU memory , some corruption occurred because some data went virtually nowhere,” the developer explained.

This patch removed all graphical issues affecting displays.

The Surface Duo running Windows 11 also gained the ability to run 3D games, which is an amazing feat. Community users have shared several videos online of Duo’s running titles natively, including Skyrim and Minecraft.

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There are some thermal issues with the Duo when powering games at the moment. The problem is related to the temperature sensor and should be fixed in the future. Of course, the Surface Duo was never designed to run Windows 11, Steam, or Power PC games, so some issues are to be expected.

If you want the best gaming experience on the Surface Duo, it’s worth playing through Xbox Cloud Gaming. Of course, that doesn’t come with the added benefit of running Windows 11 on a phone.

If you want to try or contribute to the Windows 11 Project on Surface Duo, you can check it out at GitHub. There is a practical guide on this page. Just be aware that you will be running unsupported software on your device, which can cause problems.